New Trend Alert: Western Boots!



At first we were unsure about this particular trend.

After all, western style boots are a pretty hard look to pull off, but the more we see them, the more we’re starting to LOVE them!

Even just today Victoria Beckham was spotted wearing a pair of high heeled YSL western boots underneath black skinnies similar to these.

Kendal Jenner and bestie Gigi meanwhile has also both been spotted wearing their westerns on several occasions.


Pic – Pinterest

With the trend growing pretty fast, we decided to round up our faves before they sell out!

And festival goers, take note … you can even pick up western style wellingtons as well!

Check out our picks below!


Boots – see selection below

Before we go any further, however, we know that a few of you are having trouble with the links.

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Now back to the boots! Just click on the individual picture to take you to the product!

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