My Penneys Haul!

Happy Thursday guys!!

So yesterday I popped into Penneys to look for a statement neck piece for an outfit tonight, I am heading to a launch party Of course like anyone, when you pop into Penneys for that one thing you need  only to walk out an hour later carrying around five pairs of shoes, twenty necklaces, and, oh, a billion tops in every colour! A doubled up Penneys bag is never a good sign 😉

Well Penney’s spring/summer range is out at the moment and in full swing, however what I picked up yesterday isn’t as overly exciting as before , but you guys wanted this haul and so here you are 🙂

y (3)I’m going to kick off with the candles I bought, because as you all know, I’m a huge candle fan!! I love having scented ones lit throughout the house, and it’s amazing what a difference one or two can make.

My mum always has scentedt candles lighting in our house, so I think she passed the habit on to me!

First I picked up this gorgeous glass jar candle for just €5. I’m going to be using this one in my new office! It’s vanilla scented and smells divine! y (4)

The two church candles are for my house. They look gorgeous when lit up at night, and they also make for a great decorative feature, whether it by the fireplace or as a table centrepiece. There’s so many ways to use them in a room!

y (5)

I bought this bangle the second I saw it! It’s to highlight the ISPCC’s anti-bullying campaign and all proceeds raised will go to the organisation.

I have to say, the anti-bullying cause is one I feel really strongly about. Bullying is rampant in schools, and, as most bloggers know only too well, it’s equally rife on social media, so anything that helps highlight it gets my full support.

I think a bangle as stylish as this one is a pretty brilliant way of raising much needed money and awareness! At €2.50, it’s as cheap as chips too, so make sure you support the anti-bullying campaign by buying one the next time you’re in Penneys!

y (6)

So this June, I will be heading out to Marbella. Is it just me or is this year flying by already?? While I hadn’t actually planned on shopping for my holiday wardrobe just yet, I couldn’t resist buying these two summery crop tops!!

The lime crop top, (it looks yellow in the picture) was on sale at just €3! Hello bargain! The white bobble crop was €7 and should look great over a bikini with a tan.

y (1)

You can never have enough tees, especially when they’re only €3.50 each!

I love having them for everyday wear over jeans. As you can see, Penneys have no shortage of summery shades! I picked up these tee’s in white, pink, peach and yellow! I think they’ll look fab over a pair of skinnies and a blazer/oversized mac.

y (7)

As you know, I recently embarked on a new health and fitness kick, so naturally I have been keeping an eye out for stylish and comfortable gym gear.

This zippy top is a perfect addition to my workout wardrobe, and should come in handy on those brisk evenings when I am walking the dogs! It also got the seal of approval from Coco and Harper! Haha! Trying to do a haul with two dogs who wan your attention 24/7 is hard work! haha!

Anyway – at €8, it was practically a steal!

While in Penneys, I picked up some hair bobbins too. I’m forever losing them, so I always have to stock up every so often! I got bunch of them for €1.50! Such a great bargain and these bobbins are the best for high ponys with thick hair 🙂

download (1)

 Well there you have it guys! A run down of my recent Penney’s purchases!

Hope you enjoyed it!

Sue xx





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