Pretty Little Thing Sports Wear Is Here!

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PLT Sport has arrived! Ohhhh yeah!

We’ve had a look at the new arrivals and they’re honestly the kind of active wear that you’re actually gonna want to work out in (and let’s face it, cute sports wear is always a good incentive to exercise)

With the ultimate Insta bae, Sommer Ray, fronting this haaawt Pretty Little Thing campaign, the collection is all kinds of fab! She is seriously slaying it here!

True to form, the prices are also reeeally affordable.


Below is the full range from PLT Sport, BUT before we go any further, we know that a few of you, particularly iPhone users, are having trouble with the links.

If you click on an item below, but it won’t load, then this is how you solve the issue.

Click the product you like, if it’s blank, click the three dots located at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

A number of options should pop up, one of which will be ‘Open in Safari’.
Click on this and you will be able to access the link without any problems!

If that doesn’t work, then an alternative option would be to open SoSueMe.ie through Google & not Facebook.

Now back to the post! 😉


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