How to Properly Detox Your Wardrobe!


As far as I can see, there is absolutely no downside to getting rid of wardrobe clutter! You free up lots of space, feel more organised and possibly find some new items you had forgotten about in the process!

Of course, if you aren’t strict with yourself, you will end up holding on to lots of items that you shouldn’t. We’re all guilty of this!

Well, to help you carry out the most best wardrobe detox possible, I have put together a list of 14 points for you to follow.

1. Section by section

Don’t remove all your clothes from the wardrobe in one go! Just don’t! You will end up with a bomb site for a bedroom, and in the end you’ll get so frustrated, you’ll throw the lot back in and just go watch The Kardashians!

Instead, look at your wardrobe in sections. Start with the first quarter, and once you have decided what you can be trashed from that section, hang up the clothes you have to decided to keep, and move on to the next quarter. When detoxing your wardrobe, set aside a separate time to tackle your shoe collection, and accessories.

2. Rail space

Instead of having just one high rail in your wardrobe, maybe look at installing two or three rails at different heights for items such as jumpers, t-shirts, tops, skirts, and folded trousers. If this isn’t possible, then maybe you could utilise the space by inserting some shelves above or below the clothes. A chest of drawers would also work.


If there is a way maximise space, do it, but only after the detox has been complete. The point of the detox is to get rid of the clutter, not create more space for it!

3. The deadline box

I don’t know about you guys, but every time I detox my wardrobe, I always come across items that I don’t know whether to keep or give away. When you are on the fence about items, box them and set a time frame. If you haven’t opened that box within the time frame you have set, be it six months or a year, then donate them.

4. Can it be customized?

You know that floor length gown that has been sitting in the back of your wardrobe after having only seen the light of day maybe once? If you don’t plan on wearing it again any time in the near future, then ask yourself how it would look if it were shortened into a cocktail dress.

There is always a way to improve or update an item. Of course, if you set aside an item for tailoring, then give yourself a timeline in which to get the job done. If you haven’t brought it to the tailor within that time frame, then accept that you probably never will, and just get rid!

5. Hang up those belts!

Don’t leave your belts all tangled up in a basket, hang them up! A wall mounted coat rack with five or so hooks is the perfect solution to this problem. I love the idea in this image of the belt hooks at the back of the wardrobe.


6. Donate or sell?

You can sell your unwanted items on eBay or Depop, but let’s be honest here, will you actually do it? Lots of people intend to throw something up on eBay, but they don’t ever get around to it, so I would recommend that you instead donate your unwanted clothes to a charity shop, or gift them to someone who would appreciate the style.

7. If it has to go somewhere, keep it in the car!

I remember reading a brilliant tip about how you should keep your vouchers in your car so that you won’t ever forget to bring them with you when you go shopping. Similarly, if you are donating clothes, box them and put them in the car immediately. That way, they won’t end up left in the corner of your room.

8. Will you repair it? Seriously?

If it has a broken zip, a missing button, a ripped seam, are you genuinely going to have it repaired? If not, then ditch it. If yes, then bag it and put it in your car!

9. Hanger importance

Lots of stylists will tell you that using one type of hanger in your wardrobe will make a massive difference. I for one can totally understand why. There are few things more annoying than hangers that get tangled up in each other or cause clothes to slide off.

The main reason hangers get tangled up in each other is because they all vary in height and size (or because they are wire hangers). That won’t happen however if you only use the same type of wooden hanger for all your items. Slim velvet-covered hangers are also wonderful for keeping clothes from sliding off. The best thing you can do for your wardrobe is to phase out the wire hangers.

Hows this for organised? Supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s closet.


10. No shelf/rail space left?

If you have no space left on the rail or on the shelf for your tank tops and tshirts, then invest in a few clear boxes. They make for a brilliant storage solution because they allow you to immediately see what’s in the box before you rummage through it.

11. Rule of three

I mentioned this in my first book as one of my rules for the dressing room, but it can also be applied to a wardrobe detox. If them item doesn’t go with three items in your wardrobe, if you haven’t worn it in the past three months (or years), and if you don’t envision yourself wearing it within the next three months, then you need to seriously reconsider hanging it back up in your wardrobe!


12. Does it make you feel good?

I’m a firm believer in only keeping the items that make me feel good, so if I’m cleaning out my wardrobe and I find myself unsure about a particular piece, then I will try it on and see how it makes me feel. If I don’t feel comfortable or confident when wearing it, then it doesn’t go back in my wardrobe. Simple as!

13. If you rarely use an item…

Don’t hang up the items you rarely use. This is a total waste of space. Instead place them on a low shelf or in a drawer.

14. Light it up!

If your wardrobe is dark, get yourself a battery operated light. These are so easy to pick up and not at all expensive. Lighting makes a huge difference. How many times have you bought a fab item and then not worn it in ages because you had forgotten you had it? Once you have the clutter cleared, see if you can light up your wardrobe. This will ensure you can see everything you have!

Best of luck with your wardrobe detox! 

Sue xxx



  1. Aoife Sherlock
    16 June 2015 / 19:47

    great blog sue. i really love ur midi skirt wheres it from please?

  2. 15 February 2015 / 23:50

    No probs, delighted you enjoyed it xx

  3. 15 February 2015 / 23:49

    GREAT – thanks for the info xx

  4. 15 February 2015 / 23:49

    Thanks so much Gemma!! Glad you enjoyed it xx

  5. 5 February 2015 / 20:37

    These are great tips Sue. I really need to clear out my wardrobe.. My problem is though that i hate getting rid of things because it’ll cost loads to replace them all 😛 Fab photos too xx

  6. 4 February 2015 / 23:18

    Penny’s do great belt holders and IKEA do an amazing scarf holder, it fits about 16 scarves!

  7. Patricia Maloney
    4 February 2015 / 23:06

    Thanks so much for this article I always break the first rule and take everything out in one go then get stressed out and leave it to pile up! I can definitely see how doing it in small sections makes a lot more sense 😀

  8. Louise Cormack
    4 February 2015 / 21:23

    Thanks a million Sue ! great tips in here and love the outfit you look fab 🙂 <3 xx

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