Red Carpet Repeat: Backwards Bling


We’ve noticed a reoccurring ‘Red Carpet Trend’ on Jennifer Lawrence – Backwards Bling.

The Oscar nominated actress wore her necklace back to front at last years Acadmeny Awards ceremony (yes, on purpose!) Her long beaded chain from Chopard was casuallly draped around her neck as it was delicate enough to do so.

This year, not only did she opt for a Dior gown once again, she also rocked the backwards bling again. You might have been too distracted by her epic fall on the red carpet to notice.

jennifer lawrence red carpet fail

It’s a funky edge to add to a classic look.


This time her chain was by Neil Lane and was shorter and thicker but it looked great all the same.

Any back-baring ladies out there want to recreate this red carpet look there are a few tips to follow:

  • A good back exfoliation … (If you’re going to bare, polish that back)
  • A low cut backless dress (The more revealing the more visible your ‘back-bling’ will be)
  • The right chain. The chain is better off being long, not too fussy and clasp-less if possible (otherwise it WILL look like you have it on the wrong way)

Is this a look you’d try?


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