Shape-wear Myths Busted!

(C) Kylie Jenner Instagram

(C) Kylie Jenner Instagram

Most women will agree that shape-wear garments are an absolute God send!

Blake Lively, Kylie Jenner, and Beyonce are all self-confessed fans.

The way one simple piece can smooth out a shape to create a more streamlined look … is it any wonder they have become such wardrobe staples?

Even though shape-wear has been around for years, there’s still a number of myths that have persisted. So, we decided to clear them up once and for all!

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(c) Chrissy Teigen Instagram

Myth: Shape-wear can be washed in hot water and tumble-dried like other garments 

Truth: NEVER wash shape-wear in hot water and NEVER tumble-dry it!

When washing your shape wear, keep it away from hot water and the tumble dryer because the high temperatures will destroy the garment’s ‘control factor’.

Heat breaks down elastic. (This is also why you should never place bras or underwear in the tumble dryer.) Instead allow your shape-wear to air dry. This will increase its longevity. When it comes to shape-wear, never stray from the washing instructions.

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Myth: Wearing 2 shape-wear pieces will give you double the results

Truth: You won’t get any more of a result from wearing 2 shape-wear pieces than you will from wearing just 1. 

This might sound crazy but there are ladies out there who will wear 2 shapers in the belief that they will get double the results.

If the shape-wear piece you are wearing is effective and of good quality, then that alone should do the job perfectly. Wearing 2 shape-wear pieces will achieve nothing more than a lot of discomfort.


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Myth: wearing shape-wear in a smaller size will give you a slimmer effect/hourglass effect/etc

Truth: wearing shape-wear in a smaller size will absolutely NOT give you a different effect. 

Wearing shape-wear in a smaller size is not only extremely uncomfortable, it’s also extremely pointless.

To get the best result from a shape-wear garment, and to create the most flattering shape, wear the garment in your size.


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Myth: All shapewear is uncomfortable and will make you itch and sweat a lot.

Truth: Nope, not true at all!

Shape-wear will never be pyjama-comfortable but it shouldn’t be uncomfortable either. If you are wearing the right size of garment, and the right level of control (i.e. light, medium, strong, etc) then it should feel fine.

If however you find it sometimes itches a little when you have it on, then there is a trick you can avail of.

Before wearing your shaper, apply baby powder to the skin. This will keep your skin free from body-shaper-induced itch and sweat.


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Myth: Shapewear is only for women

Truth: Not anymore!

There’s a shape-wear range specifically designed for men and it consists of underwear and undershirts. You can see it here.


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Myth: The only purpose of shape-wear is to make you look slim.

Truth: That’s possibly the biggest shape-wear myth of all!

Women of all shapes and sizes can benefit from shape-wear. Even the most athletic ladies in the world can (and do) wear shape-wear. So too do Hollywood starlets such as Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria.

While shape-wear can indeed create a more streamlined look, it’s main purpose is to smooth and accentuate your natural shape and curves.

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