Sneak Peek: Victoria’s Secret Show Costumes


There’s not too long to wait until this year’s Victoria’s Secret show.

2014’s show is set to take place in London on 2nd December and we’ve got our hands on a sneaky peek of the sketches of the costumes from the show, as well as the dramatic themes we can expect to see.

A ‘gilded angels’ look will open the show, with models drenched in gold and adorned with wings of course!

EcoticTraveler_592x888_1Another theme from the show is the ‘exotic traveller’, which takes inspiration from the East. Expect to see models covered in mirrored jewels.


‘Angel Ball’ is being described as a nod to the tuxedo and ball gown, focusing largely on monochrome.

FairyTale_592x888_1‘Fairy Tale’ will feature a cute, Shakespearean inspired pixie look, with lots of sparkle and wings.


With ‘Dream Girl’ we can expect to see a cute, girly look, with retro faux fur pom poms suitable for the boudoir.


‘University of Pink’ will be a fun filled look aimed at younger customers, who are looking to sport some bold colours and show some attitude.

This years finale costume is expected to be the aptly named ‘Angel Ball’.

What’s your favourite?

(Source: Vogue, NY Daily News)



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