A Sparkly Christmas Wish List from Argento.ie!


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Christmas calls for many things, and glam jewellery is definitely one of them!

I’m sure lots of you have heard of jewellery brands such as Dirty Ruby, KARMA, and Disco Balls? Well recently, I found some fab pieces from these labels on the Irish jewellery site, Argento.ie.

Naturally, a find like that merit’s a blog post!

Accessories are a major love of mine! Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been obsessed with pretty pieces of jewellery that shimmered and sparkled! Not much has changed over the years in that regard! As you can see from the list below, my inner-magpie is still very much drawn to the sparkliest of items!

1 – Inner Power Coin Pendants

Pendant coins are still hugely popular at the moment, and it’s a trend that certainly shows no signs of waning any time soon. I especially loved these Inner Power coins on Argento.ie.

Necklaces such as these will never go out of style. There is just something so beautifully elegant about them. I’m a big fan of pendant coins, and I love the fact that you can create so many different styles with them. A different look to suit whatever mood (or outfit) you’re in!

Don’t forget, the carrier pendant which holds the coin, is sold separately, as is the chain.
When you are buying a coin, always make sure it is the same size (small or large) as the carrier pendant. I know that sounds obvious, but it’s an easy mistake to make. Argento.ie have a variety of different carrier pendants, from plain to diamanté, silver to rose gold, so once you have the one you love, you are ready to start your coin collection!

As featured in the picture:

1/ Inner Power Small Rose Gold Eiffel Tower Coin – €18

2/ Inner Power Large Pink Hearts Coin – €10

3/ Inner Power Large White Crystal Coin – €25

4/ Inner Power Small Rose Gold Snakeskin Coin – €15

5/ Inner Power Large Black Crystal Protection Coin – €15

2 – Dirty Ruby Silver Spike Necklace

02The beauty about this piece is that it is big enough to make an impact, but not big enough to overshadow your outfit. It’s such a glam piece and the crystals give it a subtle touch of sparkle too.

The best thing about this necklace is that it can literally be worn anywhere, whether it be to a dressy event, or simply with jeans and a leather jacket!

The Dirty Ruby Silver Spike Necklace – €12

3 – KARMA Peace and Love set 


The motto of the Belfast based KARMA label is ‘Jewellery With Meaning’, and this is precisely why their pieces make for amazing gifts. I always felt that a piece of jewellery with an inspiring message behind it is just so much more personal and touching. I especially love this Peace and Love set, which consists of two bracelets and a necklace.

10% of the sales generated from KARMA bangles is donated to charity, so in addition to good will, the label also spreads good karma!

Which brings me to my next choice…the KARMA bangles!

KARMA Peace and Love set – €45

4 – KARMA Bangles


As most of you know, I have always been a fan of personalized jewellery. Well with the KARMA letter bangles, you can choose to use your initials, or you can add more letters to spell out your name.

KARMA Silver Letter Bangle – €18.50 each

Also part of the KARMA range are these amazing bead bangles. They come in so many colours, so you can collect the lot and either wear them individually or stacked. Personally, I love the stacked look which is why the KARMA range immediately went on my wish list!

1/ KARMA Pink Core Seed Bead Bangle – €15

2/ KARMA Electric Blue Seed Bead Bangle – €15

3/ KARMA Grey Pearl Beaded Bangle – €20

5 – Disco Ball Jewllery


Yes I left the sparkliest till last! 🙂

There is no better time than Christmas to break out the blingiest of bling! It is party season after all!

If you are looking to stock up on a little sparkle to go with your Christmas wardrobe, you should totally check out the pieces in the Disco Ball range, all of which feature Swarovski crystals! Whether you want a subdued tone such as champagne, or a bright one like purple, you will find a wide selection right here on Argento.ie!

Clockwise from top left:

1/ Disco Ball White Crystal Bracelet (6mm) – €27

2/ Disco Ball Full Champagne 8mm Crystal Bracelet – €33

3/ Disco Ball Peach Bangle – €15

4/ Disco Ball Rose 8mm Crystal Stud Earrings – €7.20

If, however, you want a striking statement piece, then check out the Disco Ball crystal necklace! Amazing!

Disco Ball Full White Crystal Necklace – €100

There you have it, my sparkly Christmas wish list from Argento.ie! 

Happy Shopping!

Sue xx



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