Spring Bride Hair Inspiration


By now all you Spring brides will have your biggest tasks organised – Dress, Venue, Guest list. Now it’s time for the details to be finalised. Deciding how to style your hair, make up, accessories etc.

Well, we promised to bring some bridal tips this year to help ease the stress of searching for your last minute wedding ideas and we are going to start with some Hair Style inspirations.

As it is approaching the newest season of Spring we generally shed the ‘heaviness of Winter’ in our clothing, in our make-up and sometimes in our hair. Hair becomes softer, lighter, looser to coincide with the (hopefully) lighter weather. We’ve decided to factor that in to our search for perfect Spring bridal hair. Boho waves, flowers and braids are all key hair trends this time of year.


Flowers are another huge feature at weddings no matter what time of year it is, however, Spring means you can go that extra mile. Flowers are beginning to bloom once again, and not just in your garden, in your hair too. Why not add dainty little floral pieces to your up-do to match your bouquets? It doesn’t have to be cheesy or tacky, it can actually be quite high-fashion. Whether it’s a simple spray of tiny flowers across your head or one big flower at the nape of your neck – Flowers can be a beautiful addition to your Spring bridal hair.



You simply cannot beat boho waves for Spring/Summer. Loose and lovely, no muss no fuss. You can swing it around while you dance without worrying it will fall apart, it will always look natural – Perfect!



Another gorgeous feature of Spring hair is ‘braiding’. It can give your hair a little ‘edge’ while still being season-friendly. You can add one to an up or down style and also carry the same theme through to your bridesmaids also.





Of course, all these features can be mixed and matched. Braids with waves, waves with flowers, flowers with braids – All equal Spring beauty.


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  1. Edwina O' Leary
    19 January 2015 / 21:06

    Thanks Sue love the one with the plaits at the back and tied up !!! Thanks keep the bridal posts coming

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