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Hey guys, Happy Saturday 🙂

So after the weather being so nice yesterday and as I have a holiday booked for this Summer, I started browsing through what swimwear is available so far this season. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice everything is! On holidays a bikini/swimsuit is an outfit in itself so I think it’s important to get it right.

I took a look at bikinis, swimsuits and other accessories.

First up, bikinis.

This year on every sight I had a look through, there are so many really bold print bikinis. Here are the ones that caught my attention the  most.

1.This River Island two piece is my top pick of the bikinis and you can get it here

2. This Boohoo number is full of mad colours but would look amazing poolside. You can get it here

3. My final pick for the bikinis is another River Island one. This tribal design makes it look like a regular crop top more than a bikini but it works so well! So can get it here






1.This is another River Island item but wow is it so unique and stylish! You can get it here

2. This Boohoo swimsuit has gorgeous colours and would be perfect for lounging by the pool here

3. I love this misguided swimsuit, although the colours are not as bright as the last one, the pattern and shape of this is what really appeals to me! Get this look here



I found while browsing many different websites yesterday, forever21 is amazing for accessories and they are SO cheap! So here are some of my favourite picks!

1. I love this hair wrap, it makes you look stylish without having to do much with your hair. It’s a steal at only 2.50 and you can get it here

2. If you are looking for a stylish hat, this one really works for a week by the pool or a weekend away in the sun. Hat only 16 euro here

3. These are so festively but perfect for holidays too! Usually once festival season starts, all of the nice ones are gone so get them early if you want some flower power on hols. Get the look here

4. Love these sunglasses, it’s so important to get a staple pair that will go with almost everything and they are only five euro here

5. Here’s another festival staple but also would be fab with a bikini on the beach (I can see the instagrams now!) Get the daisy hair band here


So that’s a first look at the online holiday wear! As we get closer to Summer and when there is more online I will do another blog post on it!

I hope those of you planning on heading to the sun see you something you like!

Happy Saturday 



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  1. Naomi Mc Donald
    14 March 2015 / 20:32

    Any for these you would recommend for smell chested ladies ✌to make us look more womenly

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