Summer Dress Trend: The Return Of The Pleated Maxi!


There’s one style of dress you’re going to be seeing A LOT more of this summer: the pleated maxi.

We first fell in love with this type of dress when Sue photographed Dakota Johnson wearing the Valentino version at the LA premiere of 50 Shades Darker.

But this isn’t the first time this dress has caught the public attention.

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw wore a pleated maxi in the second Sex & The City Movie? Well it’s now back with a bang this summer!


The great thing about this dress is that aside from being super stylish, it’s also VERY comfortable to wear!

It can be worn loose, or with a belt for more structure, and paired with either a cropped leather jacket or a cute denim number such as one of these.


Now that this catwalk style has hit the high street once again, we’ve rounded up the best of this super-summery fashion trend!

Check them out!

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