5 Reasons Why You Should Holiday In Marbella Once


For the last 8 years myself and my friends have been holidaying for a week in Marbella each summer. A lot of people who havent been there before will always ask me what I love the most about the lively spot and so I am about to go through my reasons for venturing back time and time again with you all.

Some people will argue that we should really expand on our experiences and venture to new destinations, but truth be told I feel like Marbella is like a second home for me. I always know people working out there, I know the venues inside out and you are always guaranteed to meet some Irish people out there which makes it one big family on holiday.

Although I love trying out new places, there is something about feeling like you know people when you head to a location. Its a trust feeling, a comfortable feeling. I really dislike not knowing anyone or my surroundings. Do you ever find that you are only get used to a place when you go away and then before you know it you’re back on the plane home? Well with Marbella – we always arrive with a plan, clubs and beach bars booked, we know where we are going, we know people out there, whats ahead and in turn we can totally unwind.

It’s a real holiday for me. I will have lots of years ahead of me with kids, doing family holidays (please god) – but until then, I want to make the most of my summers and really let my hair down partying with my pals.

If you’re wondering Marbella is a family spot too for sure – we always see lots of young families out there, gorgeous restaurants, beaches and so on but for me, we only end up doing the party things.

So my reasons for returning time and time again…. here they are.

1. The Weather


Every year I have gone to Marbella we have always had gorgeous weather. Granted there are a few over cast days here and there at times, but over all the weather is amazing. Sun most days all day and a lovely beach breeze too so it’s never too OTT. The best months to head out are May/June/July & August.

September is good too – but one year we went in September and it rained the full week. :-/

2. The Style


This is a huge factor for me. Anyone else love people-watching and when I say people -watching I mean in the style stakes? Yep – I do too! People in Marbella are one of the most stylish dressers I’ve seen. I always come home with some amazing style inspo ideas. You could be looking at women in their 20’s one minute idolising their style and the next a woman in her 40’s. The style out there is second to none and very mixed in the age, which is great too. With a strip of designer shops galore – Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Dior, Gucci and so on – it’s easy to be in awe of it all.

Day or night the girls are glam and I love it.

3. The Food


Marbella port has some amazing restaurants. Our favourite indian in the world ‘Khans‘ is based there on the port and wow. Amazing. Some other restaurants on the port we love are Los Bandidos, if you are a fish eater or you love a great steak you have to check out Los Bandidos. A little more on the pricey side, but so amazing and defo worth a try.

For a more budget friendly option and you are are looking for some unreal pizza or wings – you have to check out Picasso’s, – YUM and the cocktails amazing. On that note, if you are a big cocktail drinker, you have to try Astral at the end of the port – they have the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted.

4. The Pool Parties

ocean club

Ocean Club, Nikki Beach, Sala Beach, Plaza Beach – the list is endless and what amazing pool parties they are. People always ask me what is my fave pool party and it has to be Ocean Club – it is hands down the best one for me. Ocean Club can go two ways, but usually after about 4pm – it all ends up wild. So you could have a really chill day eating good food, having a few drinks, enjoying the deep house music and taking it all in… or you could get right on it with your girls and party it up… there really is no in between. It’s funny how it always seems to get ‘loose’ after about 4pm – all the Champagne and cocktails have gone to peoples heads, the music is turned up and this is usually when people start dancing on their beds, or getting thrown into the pool. 🙂

The pool parties for me are the best fun. Then you have Spray day at Ocean Club – which is  a massive spray party (spraying Champagne) and that whole day is ‘loose’… thats our new word in our gang Loose haha. Spray day is the day a lot of celebs will be floating around Ocean Club. So the week we were there, you had Ashley Cole, Jessica Wright and TOWIE gang there partying just tables away. In the past I have seen Cheryl Cole, Mark Wright, The Wanted and some big names over there. It’s a really celeb place to hang out. I’m not mad on spray day (Sunday) myself anymore, I prefer the Friday or the Saturday. I think after being a few times, it looses it novelty and the excitement wears off. The Friday’s & Saturday’s are always better craic in my opinion. However, I would say experience a spray party at least once though – they’re insane!

Nikki Beach in my opinion isn’t as good atmosphere wise, its way more expensive than Ocean Club but some prefer the more relaxed vibe. Sala beach has a music ban, so they have no music playing but it is still a great spot for chilling and sipping some drinks. Lastly, Plaza beach – another GREAT spot and the cheapest out of the x4. Plaza beach have good music, good beds to chill out on and a long drinks list – and Oh they do the best Club Sambo going 😉

If you go to Marbella – Go to Ocean Club – you wont be disappointed 🙂 Watch this video for an insight.. also you will see me and my sister if you watch closely 😉

5. The Night Life

club life

Where do I begin…. News-cafe, Sinatras, Pangea, Tibu… all really great spots. If you want to enjoy yourself – Pre book tables at both Pangea and Tibu. These clubs get so packed and so busy if you dont have a table – you can’t really relax. Table service is a big thing in Marbella, so book everything. My favourite out of them all is Tibu – it’s open the latest, has a great mix of ages and the music is brilliant. The style on nights out in Marbella is full heat – so if you are going bring plenty of glam outfits.

In general if you are going to Marbella pack glaam. Its a really fun destination and somewhere I would say to holiday once in a lifetime. Its expensive but worth it and if you pre-book tables and all chip in – it actually works out cheaper. So get planning 🙂

Any further Q’s about Mareblla – just email me [email protected]

Hope this gives you an insight and if you are going – come prepared. 🙂

Have you been before and what did you think of Marbs?



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  1. 5 March 2016 / 10:18

    Thanks for the great post! My boyfriend and I are thinking of going this year but I wasn’t sure if it would be for me. Looks like fun though, you’ve made me want to go! 😉

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