Survive The Floods! Trendy Rainwear To Get You Through Winter!!


While it may be all doom and gloom outside, and knee deep in water in places, you can at least look good if you have to pop to the shops. We have a few essentials listed below for getting you through the coming apocalypse!

Burberry offer this trendy drawstring shell jacket for wet weather protection, but it’s a bit on the pricey side at around €300.


John Lewis’ website have this classic waterproof jacket for €150, and it’s even guaranteed to last with exposure to seasalt water (just in case you leave near a coastal area and are GUARANTEED to get soaked.


Boden printed parka, around €100 and trendy enough to go over any outfit, while Seasalt, a UK company, offer printed floral raincoats that are as eye-catching as they are practical and protective.



Trench coats work well for a more formal affair, and can vary greatly in price, but are a must for every girl to have in their wardrobe for this time of year. With the weather not looking like it’s gonna pick up any time soon, they’re an investment for a few Winters to come.


Once you’ve decided on what coat to wear, you’ll need the right footwear for puddles and soggy fields. Wellies are a must, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck in plain green farmer specials. Printed wellies are now a huge business and all of the below can be found on retail sites like Amazon. The simple reason is they’re popular for festivals but have use in day to day life as well. Choose a design that suits your personality (loving the Converse-style ones!) and match it with a good jacket for your daily commute.




As well as the more colourful selections available, there are also designer chic wellies, styled to look like boots for something a little more understated. Some of these are so well designed you’d be hard pressed to spot them as wellies at first glance. Perfect for a walk in the wet to the office.




To top off your Winter survival kits, you need an umbrella. Like the wellies, many of these are to be found at any decent retailer’s online shop. There are thousands of designs to choose from and it all depends on how often and for what purpose you’ll be using them. For a spin to work, something like the newspaper styled one is a great buy, whereas for heading for a night out you might want something funkier, or colourful.




Vintage 1960 UMBRELLA Roses from Pudding



Finally, there’s this creation. Genius or mega-cringe,  you decide. (Hint, it’s mega-cringe. It really is!!!)


(Images courtesy, FashionChic, Amazon, Asos, Burberry, Seasalt, Boden, Tumblr, Pinterest, John Lewis, Pennies, DressedLikeALamb)


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