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Recently enough I was looking for a gift to buy for a friend. I wanted to buy her something stylish, yet personal and heart warming.

As most of you already know, I’m a big believer in guardian angels and I am fully convinced that we all have someone watching over us.

Well not too long ago, I was introduced to a really interesting range of jewellery called Engelsrufer and I love mine! The necklace has a precious jewel at the end which “is fragile like an angel but strong enough to help in all situations.”

The Engelsrufer consists of a sound ball inside a metal basket, and in each sound ball is a chime bell giving each Engelsrufer its own very subtle sound. 

What I really love however is that you can pair your Engelsrufer with angel wing charms too… and so this is what I bought my friend, it’s perfect for her.


The reason for the delicate chime inside the ball is that it calls your guardian angels to your side, so that they can protect you from all dangers! How nice is that?

I love jewellery pieces that have a special meaning to them, but this is like the perfect good luck symbol!

Why do I get the distinct feeling that the Leaving Cert students will be stocking up on these come June?! Haha! If only I’d had one when I was sitting exams!


As well as Engelsrufers, the collection consists of a variety of different pieces including dream catchers, hearts, Hand of Fatima, etc, and they also come in a variety of colours. I love the rose gold Engelsrufer (picutred above)!

That colour goes with everything and according to the Engelsrufer colour guide, it brings hope and calmness during difficult situations!

How sweet…

engelsrufer-artwork2 (1)

What I love most of all is that the name ‘Engelsrufer’ means ‘angel whisperer’!

I think I am going to get the blue one next. That colour represents the power of concentration, and let me tell you, when I’m blogging late at night or early in the morning, all help is welcome in the concentration department! haha!

I think I might also pick up their dream catcher pendent. I love the meaning behind it. It just makes it so much more special!

Traumfaenger-Image-Bedeutung-enIf you want to be in with a chance to own one of these beautiful pieces, then make sure you enter our Engelsrufer competition which we will be running next week – thankfully I got my hands on one to give away too on the blog I love them that much!

In the meantime, you can check out their Facebook and their website for more pics.

Lots of love,

Sue xx


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    Angel Whisperer

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