The Ten 90’s Trends That Are Making A Comeback!

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Ladies, brace yourselves … the 90’s are back in full force!

The Spice Girls are considering a reunion, dungarees are a HUGE trend, there’s remake talk of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and platform shoes are creeping their way back onto our feet … basically all we need now is for Glenroe to be rebooted and we will officially be back in the 90’s!

(On the upside, at least butterfly clips, blue hair mascara, and pedal pushers haven’t made any major signs of returning … yet.)

Check out the 10 trends from the 90’s that are making a reappearance, and don’t forget to let us know what trend you would like to see make a return!

Casio watches 

Casio watch

We were actually excited about the return of Casio, mainly because they have such a great vintage vibe about them.

We love the different styles available, but if you want to keep the look strictly 90’s, then go for gold watch.

How fab are these 4?
Casio watch

Silver – here // Pink – here

Rose gold – here // Gold – here


The tattoo choker was the one we all wore back in the 90’s and while it has made a big return this year, so too have a variety of different styles, from plain chokers to patterned and embellished.

Even celebrities are embracing the return of the retro, with icons such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner all sporting different types of chokers.

Here are some we liked:

choker gig hadid

Pink choker – here // Thin silver choker – here

Boho patterned choker – here

Plain black choker – here // Silver choker – here

Gem embellished choker – here // Tattoo choker – here


large (11)

Backpacks are not really ‘back’ per se because to be fair, they never went away.

They were just never considered stylish as such…until this year. Where once they were a necessary accessory for students, they have managed to make the jump into being considered a stylish accessory.

Here are 4 we spotted and liked:


(Clockwise from top) White backpack with gold clasp – here // Navy backpack – here

Metallic backpack – here // White laser cut backpack – here // 

Platform Shoes

Remember the 80’s platform footwear that were relaunched in the 90’s thanks to the Spice Girls?

Everyone wore them back then, (and today everyone is still baffled by how an entire generation of school goers didn’t break both ankles in those things)flatforms

Bow flatforms – here // Lizard print flatforms – here

Anyway, they’re back, albeit in a different style to what we remember.

They’re also now known as ‘flatforms’.

Patch Denim


Fashion-wise denim didn’t exactly have the best time during the 90’s.

Despite that, some of the denim trends have made a big return, including the patch denim!

If this is a trend you want to reintroduce into your wardrobe, then here are some pieces worth checking out:

download (6)

Patch denim bag – here // Patch denim jacket – here

Cartoon patch shorts – here // Rose shorts – here 

Bum Bags 


Clockwise from top left:

Studded bag – here // Fringe bag – here 

Glitter bag – here // Fringe bag – here

Hard to believe, but yes, these are back too!

We’re a bit worried about this one…they’re not the easiest accessory to wear.

That said, we are loving the fringe bum bags and will rock them regardless!

download (1)

Clockwise from top left:

Blue sequinned – here // Metallic heart bag – here

Metallic bum bag – here // Sequinned bag – here

Boiler suits Britney-britney-spears-177193_1024_768

Boiler suits … like jumpsuits but baggier and usually have a button-up front.

They haven’t made a huge return, but they are creeping back in quite slowly so expect to see more and more of them.

We’re not that keen on this style (give us a jumpsuit any day) but it has to be said, they are ridiculously comfortable.

Denim boiler suit – here // Navy boiler suit – here

Slip Dresses


Supermodels and style icons such as Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were the original ones to kick off the trend of the tiny satin slip dress back in the 90’s however for most 90’s girls, it was Cher Horwitz from Clueless that really set the trend.


If anything, we’re surprised this dress has returned to haunt our wardrobes long before now!

If you’re brave enough to rock the tiny dress trend, then here are some current Spring/Summer options:  download (1)

Black eyelash slip dress – here // Silver sequinned slip dress – here 

Red slip dress – here // Yellow slip dress – here

Face Glitter

We knew glitter was going to be a HUGE beauty trend this year when almost every stylish starlet at the Cannes Film Festival was sporting some on her eyelids.

Eva Longoria even took it a step further and wore actual gold flecks on her lids to give her peeps an A-lister sparkle.

large (2)

Back in the 90’s, cosmetic glitter was a big deal thanks to the likes of Britney Spears, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Gwen Stefani, but these days it’s thanks to stars such as Suki Waterhouse, Jourdan Dunne, Perrie Edwards and Rosie Huntington Whiteley.

Get your glitter fix here.


Our favourite trend of all!

Dungarees are one of those all round items that you can dress up or down, wear with heels or trainers, a tank top or a long sleeved tee, etc. While they weren’t exactly worn stylishly back in the 90’s (not even by Queen Bey), 2016 has given them a new lease of life and made us see them in a whole new light.

We especially love dungarees in khaki and black, but here are a few more that caught our eye.

download (5)

White dungarees – here // Grey blue dungarees – here

Khaki dungarees – here // Black dungarees – here 


Recreate the denim looks of Mollie King and Michelle Keegan with these dungarees:

here // here // here  

michelle keegan dungarees

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So there you have it guys, the complete guide to being completely prepared for this year’s fashion return to the 90’s. 






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