Timeless Summer = Timeless Memories!

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When I think of my favourite places to have travelled to, I instantly think of the Maldives. A dream location surrounded by white sandy beaches and the most turquoise water I’ve EVER seen (I’m not kidding when I say the whole place is like one of those too-beautiful-to-be-real kind of photographs you see on Pinterest!)

That said, it’s not about the greatest adventure you have but more so the wonderful moments you make and share with that special someone you love during the adventure.

Dylan and I have been fortunate enough to visit many incredible places, but the Maldives will always be extra special because it’s where we got engaged back in 2015!

Love the colour of this watch. Wore it as part of a festival shoot I did earlier this month

Love the colour of this watch!! Wore it as part of a festival shoot I did earlier this month

What got me thinking about that time was the new CLUSE campaign #TimelessSummer. As you guys know I’m an ambassador for CLUSE so when they told me that the brief for their new campaign would involve writing about a place that took my breath away, I didn’t need to think twice about which place I would feature!

It’s also pretty apt timing too considering we’ll be getting married this weekend!

Just thinking back on the our engagement in the Maldives has made me realise just how fast time has flown by! Everything about that moment was so perfect and a complete surprise too! It’s my favourite travel memory and it’s so nice to look back on that special time right before we get wed!

When we got engaged in the Maldives!

Back in 2015 when we got engaged in the Maldives!

Before I get carried away with reminiscing, I better tell you about the CLUSE watch I’m wearing in the top two shots.

It’s from their gorgeous La Boheme collection (my fave) and you can pick it up here. I chose the colour RoseGold White/La Flamingo because I thought it was just so summer-perfect and would make for a nice colourful addition to an outfit.

I can’t wait to show you next month’s CLUSE campaign! It’s going to be very different to the ones I previously shot!

Chat soon, guys,


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