My Top 5 Fashion Buys This Week!

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We all love a good fashion buy.. that one item you pick up and get lots of wear out of it! Today I am here to tell you about my top 5 fashion buys from over the past few weeks! The following items I am about to list are still in the stores and they literally go with everything…. well nearly everything. I hope you guys enjoy the post, as well as get a little outfit inspo or ideas for your next shopping trip!

1. Ripped Jeans


With so many summer trends circulating around the fashion pages/magazine and blog – the one trend  that you can not miss out on is –  distressed denim / ripped jeans! Whether you want to be casual and comfy or sexy and chic, these ripped jeans are the perfect addition to your trendy summer looks.

My jeans are from River Island and they cost €50 – shop here.

Another option – Black ripped J Brand Jeans – shop here.

2. Fashion Blogger Jumper

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I love statement tees/ jumpers or anything with a funny one liner. They’re cute, stylish and a little tongue and cheek. One of the most easiest ways to mix up a casual outfit is by adding a statement t-shirt. From simple white t-shirts with statement quotes to sports-luxe jerseys – they are such an easy way to add a bit of edge to your casual weekend outfit! Not only that, but statement tee’s go great with ripped jeans… it’s the perfect stylish-yet-casual look I am loving right now.

My jumper is from River Island also and it costs €33 – shop here.

Another option: ‘Every Day I’m Hustlin’ – shop here.

3. Brogues


So the deal goes… I hate my feet! I actually hate feet full stop. Anyway, while refusing to wear flat sandals that expose my feet, I was on the hunt for a pair of shoes that I could wear for summer that will still look stylish (I’m gone off pumps). That is when I stumbled across these cool brogues from Schuh in the Pavillions Shopping Centre last week. First off, they’re super stylish, and second of all, they’re pretty comfy too. I bought the black ones that will suit most of my summer wardrobe, and after seeing how versatile  they really are, I will be heading back in to pick up a beige pair next week as well. 😉

My shoes are from Schuh and cost €70 – shop here.

4. Cropped Blazer

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Ok so I have a blazer addiction. Every single time I go shopping, it can be guaranteed I will buy one. I just feel blazers are one of those wardrobe staples that never date; you will always have them. After all, there is no point in looking all fashionable and then ruining the look with a horrible jacket. Blazers, in my opinion, finish off the look. I was actually in Zara recently where they have an amazing sale on. I picked up this tropical styled blazer and I love it! It goes perfectly with my ripped jeans, brogues, and a simple white Tee.

My blazer is from Zara and it was reduced from €60 – €25  – Shop here.

5. Moschino Belt


Another important wardrobe staple is a good leather belt. I wear jeans every day and I always feel better dressed when I have added my Moschino belt. My belt was an investment piece and I love it. It literally goes with everything, and, at times, it acts as the statement piece itself!

My Belt is from Net-A-Porter and it costs €215 – Shop here.

Similar buy here for €19.70 (think it’s a replica)- Shop here

Happy Shopping!!

Sue xx

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