My Recommended Buys For Black Friday (Part 1)

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Hi guys!

As you know, Black Friday is this week.

It’s always easy to lose the run of ourselves in a sale, even more so when it’s a sale as big as Black Friday!

With massive discounts on offer, you will more than likely find yourself clicking ‘add to basket’ quite often only to regret some of those buys later when the Black Friday buzz wears off and the ‘shopping hangover’ kicks in!

The best advice I can give you for Black Friday is to shop smart. Plan ahead and know exactly what you want to buy. That way, you won’t get side tracked by less important items.

Here are my top things to buy on Black Friday.

Invest in a good quality jewellery piece


This is definitely my number one tip. Black Friday is the ideal time to invest in a super-stylish quality piece of jewellery that you will not only last a lifetime but be cherished for a lifetime.

As you know, I have always been a massive watch lover and have long been a fan of the CLUSE brand (so much so that they made me a brand ambassador recently!)

Their watches have such a classic style and because of this, they will never date which is why they make for such a great buy, especially on a day like Black Friday when you can pick one up for such a good price.

I can also tell you from experience (and as you can see yourself from the two pictures) that they go with absolutely every outfit so you won’t be limited on the style front.


…and it also works equally as well with a casual look!

A CLUSE watch would also make for an absolutely beautiful Christmas present. If you want advice on which one to go for, I would recommend a watch from the La Vedette range. I have a few CLUSE watches and my La Vedette is definitely my overall favourite.

You can read my full review of it here.

If you want to pick up a CLUSE watch this Black Friday, there will be 15% off when you use the code CLUSExBF16 so you will make a great saving.

Invest in a perfume


I’m a perfume loving girl – always have been – so when Black Friday rolls around, I always stock up on my favourites.

It’s the perfect time to get the pricier scents for a good bit less.

Invest in a good lipstick 


I’m a high street girl and I will always love the pharmacy brands but when there’s a good deal to be had, you should definitely use the opportunity to invest in a lipstick from a high end brand.

Many of designer lipsticks, like Tom Ford for instance, have such incredible pigment and longevity. Unfortunately they’re pretty expensive and while it can be hard to justify splashing out on a lipstick, Black Friday is the best time to pick them up for next to nothing!

Invest in a key wardrobe piece

Sue's Christian Louboutin wedges

Rather than splurge on a number of pieces that you know you more than likely won’t wear but buy anyway because there’s something like 70% off (we’re all guilty of it!) I would suggest that you instead treat yourself to a really good quality staple item that you will get countless wears and uses from.

Maybe there’s a designer handbag or boots that you have always wanted? Black Friday is the time to get the best deal and invest for less. Something like a blazer or coat from a good quality brand will last you years.

And there you have it guys, the top purchases I recommend for Black Friday! I’ll be back with more tomorrow and Friday.

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  1. Suzanne Jackson
    25 November 2016 / 00:18

    Hi Eileen, you might find louboutin deals on one of these

    Brand: The Outnet (Designer fashion)
    Discount: up to 60% off
    Shop here http://bit.ly/2fqDOdZ

    Brand: Net a Porter (Designer fashion)
    Discount: deals vary
    Shop here http://bit.ly/2gj8OBn

    hope that helps xx

  2. Eileen Maher
    23 November 2016 / 20:38

    Do Louboutin come down on black friday in Brown Thomas or be included in any of the discounts?

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