Trend alert: Cape Blazers

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Is there anything more annoying than being tired but not being able to drift off to sleep? I’m wide awake here at the minute! Of course it doesn’t help matters that my mind is absolutely buzzing with ideas for blog posts! Anyway I figured the only thing to do was get up and blog!

So on the plane over here, I did a little style browsing, (no surprise there! haha!) and I couldn’t help but notice the growing popularity of cape-blazers!

A cape-blazer paired with a long sleeved top is undoubtedly one of the most stylish looks you could have in your winter wardrobe right now.

I’m all for summer wear, (so much so that I’m even looking forward to those barely-sunny spring days that might allow for short-ish sleeves), but when winter items are as stylish as the cape-blazer, or indeed the cape-jacket, it almost makes up for the shockingly wet Irish weather we have to suffer through!

I decided to put together a few cape-blazers that caught my eye! As you will notice, I deliberately chose plain neutral colours, so as to allow you to pair the cape-blazer with most of your wardrobe!

Look 1 – ASOS

I love this one. Very ‘Victoria Beckham’, I think!

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Lavish Alice Collarless Cape-Blazer – €77 – ASOS – BUY HERE

Look 2 – Nasty Gal2

Champagne Taste Cape-Blazer Burgundy – €57 – Nasty Gal – BUY HERE 

Look 3 – Boohoo.com



Dracal Cape-Blazer – €19 – Boohoo.com – BUY HERE

Look 4 – Missguided

j1102882_natasha_22.08.14_aj_125950 (1)

Tannya Cape-Blazer – €45.50 – Missguided.com – BUY HERE

Look 5 – Nasty Gal 

I know, I know, a sleeveless cape-blazer is hardly appropriate ‘winter wear’, but this one caught my eye so I couldn’t help but include it!


Boss Babe Cape-Blazer – €24 (down from €49!) – Nastygal.com – BUY HERE

Hope you enjoyed the post guys!

Sue xxx


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