Trending: It’s All About ‘The Plunge’


There’s a new movement happening in ‘Celeb Fashion Land’ and it’s happening down front.

The ladies of Hollywood have been showing some love to their boobies, in plunging necklines. But those sneaky celebs are doing it in such a classy way that we don’t realise we’re seeing their whole chest!!

We’re not talking ‘page 3’ style plunges here … We’re talking plunging jumpsuits,blouses and dresses, in classy tailor cut fabrics. The sophisticated structure of the look injects some class and subtracts the trash.

Gwyneth Paltrow dared to bare at an event for Diane Von Furstenberg this week in a plunging jumpsuit and sleek hair.


Carey Mulligan also wore a plunging jumpsuit for her appearance on the Graham Norton show this weekend.

The common theme however, all these ladies are slightly flatter chested which is a great advantage in wearing this look.

Being smaller framed in your upper torso is ideal for trying this style as you are less likely to ‘move about’ and it really creates that long plunge look as opposed to curvier boobies.

This look is steeped in 70s sexiness as proved in new movie American Hustle (reviewed here) starring Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence whose necklines plunge deeper the longer the film goes on.


How to wear:

– Stick to an ‘Evening Look’ with this trend, nobody needs an eyeful of chest in the office on a Monday morning.

– If you’re daring to bare up top, opt for a cover up below. Maybe a jumpsuit a la Gwynnie & Carey?! Or a full length skirt. Maybe a plunge blouse with skinny jeans instead.

– Think classy, remember this look is supposed to be a sophisticated ‘bare’, stick to neutral colours and structured fabrics to really give it an edge over a tacky look.

– Boob tape yourself in for safety no matter what size your chest is. Lest you feel the wrath of the dreaded ‘nip slip’!!

– Go minimal on accessories , or avoid them altogether. You’re already drawing enough attention to this area so highlighting it with a statement chain is not necessary.

Is this a trend you’ll try?







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