What I Wore: A Full Outfit From Tesco’s, I Kid You Not!

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Good morning guys!

So last Sunday I had my workshop in the Aghadoe Heights Hotel in Kerry and wow, what a day! Actually scratch that …. what a weekend!! I am currently writing a full blog post about the day, but before I finish it, I had to write this separate blog post about my outfit, because I think it deserves it!

I had a full outfit planned to wear on the day. It was from one of the brands we were featuring in our fashion show, however after a massive hiccup, I was left with no outfit. You don’t need me to tell you what happened next – panic!

It was 9pm on the Saturday night, the workshop was first thing the next morning and naturally I was freaking out. What the hell was I going to wear? I quickly googled shops that were open the following morning in Killarney, and to my disappointment, most weren’t open until 12. This wouldn’t have been a problem had my workshop not been scheduled to start at 11am! Ahhhhh!


I had asked my friend Ami to help me, and so she hopped into her car the very next morning at 9am (thank you Ami) and drove into Killarney. She rang me on the way to say that she had found a Tescos open, so we laughed together for a minute down the phone, and the I said go on… see if they have anything I can wear!

Ami has known me for years and so she knows my style, but when she came back with this outfit below I was blown away. It was perfect!


 White Chiffon Double Layer Top: here €18 //  Trousers: here €22//

Waterfall Blazer (my fave!) here €32.50// Shoes: Louboutins

This entire outfit, minus the shoes, cost just €70!!! €70… amazing!

Who would have thought that Tescos of all places would have such on trend, cool pieces? To say I was shocked is an understatement! I will now NEVER pass by a Tescos’s without hopping in for a sneaky look at the F&F collection.

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Hats off to their buyers, they sure know what they’re doing and I’m sorry for not noticing this sooner!

And there you have it! Bargain hunting at it’s best, and as Tescos say themselves – every little helps 😉

Happy Shopping!






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  1. Beetle
    11 March 2015 / 13:23

    Wow You look fantastic Suzanne…. Tesco does have some great buys… I always have a wee nosey online 🙂

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