What I Wore: Short Shorts, Silk Shirt, Leather Jacket & Barely There Heels!


Every few months all of my family, the cousins more so, have a big night out to catch up. This time, I held the pre-drinks in mine ahead of the club where we had a table booked. I love having friends and family over to mine first – I think it’s always the best craic then! Everyone is in good form, people are chatting away and it’s actually the fun part of the night in my opinion. 🙂

I had a gorgeous Finders/Keepers jumpsuit from Bowtique, Ireland’s newest boutique to wear but unfortunately, it was too small an it wouldn’t zip up fully at the back. I had just been summer clothes shopping that day and I bought a beautiful silk shirt in Topshop and some One Teaspoon short shorts also from Bowtique. I decided to embrace the brighter, warmer evenings and tapped into a ‘summer’ look that little bit more.


When I posted the picture to my Facebook page, my GOD there was some debate. People saying awful things as well as telling me how to dress. Can I just say something here…. I totally get that there will be times you will hate a particular outfit/ item I wear and that’s totally cool, you’re not always going to like what someone wears…. but please refrain from being outright rude and nasty about it. I personally loved my outfit and felt great and comfortable in it – isn’t that all that matters at the end of the day? If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have posted it to over 130,000 fans. 🙂 To those of you who offered constructive / fair criticism and nice comments – thank you. x

Now moving on….. for those of you who did like the outfit, or liked certain pieces from the look – here is where everything can be purchased.

what i wore 5

Shorts: One Teaspoon from Bowtique // Shirt: Topshop / Shoes: River Island // Bag: Bowtique // Leather Jacket: Bowtique

what i wore 3

I am loving the leather bag and jacket – Ciara who owns Bowtique just got them in It’s a German label and the items are hand made from real vintage leather, I have fallen head over heels in love with my bag and jacket… and I absolutely love the smell off them. It’s that real leather scent and I have to say – both my bag and jacket go with everything!!

The jacket actually has a snake skin appearance along the sleeves, so its really different and cool looking. As you know all leather pieces are dear BUT worth it –  this jacket costs €250 for anyone interested.

what i wore 4

what i wore 2

On the night I had done my makeup very dark…. I posted a picture of it and over 1,500 like it so I am recording a makeup tutorial for that look this week. To answer your repeated question, the lippy was VAMP by Fuschia Makeup. Fushcia are located in Swords, Pavillions and Drogheda Shopping centre! I was also told the colour is very similar to MAC Rebel, if you’re a MAC fan 🙂

make up

Happy Shopping Guys!!

Sue xx



  1. Kelly
    16 April 2014 / 10:04

    Love this outfit!!

  2. Sinead Taggart
    15 April 2014 / 19:03

    Ignore the bad comments Sue, I personally thought you looked gorgous. If someone doesnt like the outfit you choose why do they even bother to comment on it, Personally I think its pure jealousy. Fair play to you for reacting like a lady, and please keep the WIW blogs/pics coming, I love them!!!x

  3. Áine
    15 April 2014 / 18:16

    you look fab Sue, everyone who commented hate under the Facebook picture are clearly jealous and I really admire how you reacted to it in this post. A true lady! You are truly someone to look up to 🙂 x

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