Sue’s Fitness Diary: Week 2

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Hi guys!

Jessie here again….

So Suzanne successfully made it through her first week which you can read about here. However a small difficulty with all the extra water intake (2.5lts per day.)

Most people struggle with this initially as it can be quite a big change! So in the end, we decided to focus on smaller goals where water is concerned. Take it 1 litre at a time! This week Sue will fill up one liter bottle of pure water and drink it throughout the day, with additional teas/ coffees being a bonus. Then next week, we will increase that to 2 litres so it’s not such shock to the system!

As far as food goes, Monday to Friday Suzanne was spot on in dealing with situations most people encounter day to day such as eating out, preparing meals, and keeping food intake regular. Keeping meals smaller and regular throughout the day (every 3 hours) ensures the metabolism is working at it’s best. In Suzanne’s case it’s also a crucial factor to ensure proper recovery from her hard workouts!

With a bit of a slip at the weekend…a meal out and a few vodkas (I know it seems like nothing!) there was a bit of an increase in her waist and tummy measurements. This can be a hard lesson when trying to keep focused on a goal. A cheat meal yes, a glass of red, maybe….3 vodkas….an increase in measurements! Now this was mostly bloat and water retention, but the abs that were peering through had gone (although they’re now back again now). As this is not a regular thing, it is easily fixed, but can you see just how easy it is, if you are doing that 2-3 nights per week, and not getting “back to it” afterwards, you can end up losing total control over your body?? The key thing is not to beat yourself up, instead just get 100% back on track!

It’s all about getting the balance right in these situations. In day to day life, of course you will want to eat out and have a few drinks. But with a sort term goal in place it is important to keep focused and keep alcohol to a minimum! Maintenance is much easier than reaching the goal itself!!!

The Workouts

sue fitness 1

(from Jessi Kavanagh Instagram)

Suzanne had a fantastic week with her training this week. After the initial intro last week she knew what to expect this week!!

Again we did a huge amount of leg and glute work. We were able to go heavier with squats and lunges, adding in some pulses at the end for an extra bit of burn! I went through some Glute (Bum) Isolation movements too. These exercises are designed to hit the butt muscles hard while leaving out the other leg muscles. If you are trying to change the shape of your booty these exercises are essential for that “round” shape! Most people find these exercises difficult or find they “don’t work” as technique is essential to get the benefits! So before we started I went over some simple glute activation techniques to make sure the glutes were hit hard!

We then went on to upper body, again starting with bands to warm up the shoulders and back. As shoulders will be another key area we are focusing on we spend a lot of time preparing the muscles so they are “hot” and ready for the weights. I isolated Sue’s front, side and rear deltoids (shoulder muscles) and went on to more compound movements to finish off. I’m sure she will agree she was in some serious pain!

sue fitness 2

(From Jessi Kavanagh Instagram)

When we moved on to some back exercises, to both of our surprise, she was incredibly strong! After warming up the area, we built up to the heavier weights and she was well able! We also went over some lower back exercises incorporated with her core and abdominal work!

This is another area we are paying specific attention to….abdominals and oblique’s! We are aiming for a nice toned tum and small waist, so directly hitting both areas is crucial! I also added in some overall core work after isolating the abs to finish off!

Make sure to check in weekly and follow Suzanne’s progress!

Remember, you can find all these workouts and more on my “8 Week Online Bikini BootCamp Challenge” Starting Monday 9th March! 😉

Jessi xxx

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  1. Mia
    2 March 2015 / 18:55

    Could you provide more details on the food plan (incl supplements) that is being followed? Thanks x

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