The Top 5 Booty Building Exercises


Hi guys! Dylan here.

Today I’m going to go through some exercises that will give you that bigger/toned bum that I think every girl seems to want at the minute. It’s all about having those curves in the right places, and lets be honest, what girl wouldn’t want a nice bum?

Women often turn to cardio to “get a butt,” but the clear path to a better booty doesn’t go through the treadmill. Instead, start with weights.

Now before I go through the exercises with you, I want to make it clear that if you have never done these before then you should get your local Personal Trainer/ Fitness Instructor to give you some tips and guidelines, because if they are not done correctly, they can lead to injury.  


1. Squat

Squats are the king of lower-body exercises. They work nearly every muscle in your legs while at the same time strengthening your core, hips, and lower back. Just make sure you get the most out of the movement. I find it better to Squat on front of a mirror as I like to see the depth im getting. Some people prefer not to so its entirely up to you.

Squat low, the lower the better! When you squat low, it puts the emphasis on your glutes and hamstrings. The narrower your stance, the more focus you put on your quads. As you get more advanced with your squats try adding a pause at the bottom of the movement, just for 1 second even, you will really feel your legs and glutes burn.

Another tip is to take a deep breath in at beginning of each squat. I find it ensures that my core is activated and will lead to less injuries.

When you are squatting remember your stance: keep your legs shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed out slightly.


2. Weighted Walking Lunge

The walking lunge will elevate your heart rate and will make you sore the next day, but we all know sore the next day is what we want! Keeping your arms at your sides and a dumbbell in each hand, step forward – lunge and alternate legs with each step.

Lunge low. Make sure your front knee never extends past your toes. I like to take big steps when doing this exercise as i find it really contracts my glutes better.

Start with light weights and progress. You will probably find at the start its difficult to keep your balance but like everything practice makes perfect 🙂


3. Barbell Hip Thrusts 

The hip thrust activates and builds the upper glutes (which is your bum cheeks) to a much greater extent than squats.

Lie on your workout mat, feet planted firmly in front of you, and a heavy wait your lap. Keep your knees stable, raise the weight by extending your hips, and push your hips upward with your glutes.

Rise until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, then slowly lower back to the ground.

Don’t forget to Squeeze your glutes right in at the top. I know Jessie does these with Sue.


4. Stiff Leg Deadlift 

To do these properly and take the focus off your lower back, push your hips back as far as you can until you feel a deep stretch in your hamstrings. I prefer to keep my feet positioned in a close stance but everyone is different so find what works for you.

Keep the bar or dumbells as close to your legs as you can. Keep your back straight. Go down as low as you can while feeling a deep stretch, and then come back up.

Don’t let your lower back round at all and keep your chest up and straight. You should feel an almighty stretch on your hamstrings.

A little pointer I use is to almost rock back onto your heels on the way down and also go nice and slow. You’ll feel that stretch more 🙂


5. Bulgarian Split Squats

With split squats positioning is the key. The closer together your legs are, the more you target your quads. The further you place your front leg in front of you, the more emphasis you place on your glutes.

With your back foot situated on a bench or box and your chest high, drop your back knee to the floor. Go down as far down as you can and repeat.


Hope you all enjoyed this! Happy booty building!


11021178_814307071986025_3432018510105399779_nCredit: BodyBuilding.com



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