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5 YouTube Kids That Will Melt Your Heart


We’ve all got the January blues I’m sure. Christmas is over…. the tree is back in the attic, we’re all back to work/college. Lets face it…. it’s a big come-down indeed.

God bless the internet for keeping us going. We can rant about the weather on Facebook and entertain ourselves with nosying on our ‘friends’ timelines. Or if you are a bit of a YouTube addict you can watch video after video of kittens and puppies and kids being so darn cute. That’ll keep our hearts warm through January.

We’ve all seen ‘Charlie bit my finger’ and ‘David after the dentist’ … Well I’ve compiled a little list of the latest heart-warming YouTube cuties that I’ve stumbled across recently. If you are feeling a little blue just give em a watch to have you smiling (or possibly crying whoops!).

1) Kid stuck behind a sofa 

This little dude is relatively new to me. I’m not sure if it’s just his cute little accent or the fact that his naughty parents recorded his trauma but it certainly made me giggle.

2) The kid who will convince you to turn vegetarian

You may have seen this before as i think it might be old but it is so heart-breaking it’s worth watching again. Even with subtitles this little guy would convince the hard-core meat-eater to go veggie with his innocent questioning of his ‘octopus lunch’.

3) The ‘Toilet Boy’

Feel like you over-indulged over the Christmas period?! This guy knows how you feel … So funny!

4) The most emotional little girl ever

Are you one of those girls who cries at almost everything? Happy moments, Sad moments, TV ads … Anything sets you off! Well prepare the tissues as this little girl receives a surprise trip to Disneyland.

5) And again …

I’m sorry but cute emotional kids never get old, as this second Disneyland surprise for Lily proves.

Only this time her baby sister Chloe steals the limelight with her uninterested reaction to both the Disneyland trip and her sobbing big sister.



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