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8 Year Old Boy Completes Triathlon With Disabled Brother!!


With all the horrible stuff that goes on in the world, it’s so nice to read about something inspirational and uplifting, so with that in mind, here’s a story about two brothers that has enough feels to get ya through the rest of the week!

Lucas Aldrich, six, was born with a rare brain condition, lissencephaly, a disorder which leaves him severely disabled. He cannot walk or talk and has a shorter life expectancy because of the disease, but when his devoted eight-year-old brother Noah heard a local youth club were organising a mini-triathlon for children, he was determined both he and Lucas were going to complete the event.

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They started training the next day and prepared for the 200-metre swim, three-mile bike ride and one-mile run for the next three months. During the swim, Noah pulled Lucas along in an inflatable dinghy before he was placed in a bike trailer, with Noah doing the pedalling.

Finally, the exhausted pair joyously crossed the finishing line after the run, Lucas being pushed by his devoted brother in an adapted buggy.

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Their tearful and overjoyed mum, Alissa Aldrich told a local news station: “It was a little nerve wracking but exciting and exhilarating at the same time. “We’re definitely proud. As a parent it was a pretty incredible thing to watch.

Noah himself showed maturity and a kindness beyond his young years when he spoke to a local reporter about his brother and best friend after the race.

“I like everything about him; he’s perfect. He’s just like any other kid out there,” 

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Guess it goes to show that even from kids as young as six and eight there’s lessons to be learned for all of us about how to love your family and friends.

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(Images and source – MailOnline, Independent, KTVB, Facebook)


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  1. Danielle Lennon
    30 July 2014 / 23:04

    Awh! What a great brother to have!

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