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David & Brooklyn Had A Narrow Escape At The Weekend!


Not gonna lie…that looks terrifying! David Beckham and his son Brooklyn managed to escape uninjured at the weekend after being involved in a rather nasty accident as David was collecting his son from training.

David was in his Audi estate and is said to have been massively apologetic to the driver of the other car, as he was turning right and either didn’t see her or didn’t gauge her speed properly which resulted in the smash.


David took the brunt of the force on the driver’s side door and hurt his shoulder in the process. Witnesses said he gave the driver of the other car his jumper while she and her daughter waited for someone to arrive to help them.

It’s the time of year when accidents can happen so easily and quickly with the low sun and icy roads, so please peeps, stay safe if you’re on the roads. Accidents can happen to anyone!


(Images and source – The Sun)


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