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Maroon 5’s Latest Video Has Landed Them In Big Trouble


Maroon 5’s dark and bloody new video for “Animals” has drawn criticism from a sexual assault support group for its depiction of a stalker and his interaction with a woman.

In the video, released on Monday, lead singer Adam Levine portrays a butcher who is stalking a woman (played by his real-life wife Behati Prinsloo). He follows her in the streets, breaks into her home and crawls into bed with her while she sleeps, unaware that he is next to her. Then his fantasy turns into a sexual blood bath. A spokesperson for RAINN was highly critical of the video.

“Maroon 5’s video for “Animals” is a dangerous depiction of a stalker’s fantasy — and no one should ever confuse the criminal act of stalking with romance. The trivialization of these serious crimes, like stalking, should have no place in the entertainment industry.”


The support group isn’t alone in their outrage at the video. Numerous fans expressed their disgust on Twitter after the video was released too. Maroon 5’s rep has yet to comment on the incident. We’ve included the video here so you can make up your own mind but be warned; it IS graphic, its not safe for work and some people may find it very upsetting.

(Images and source – Huffpost, Twitter, Vevo,)


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