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Mel B Has Left Her Husband!


There are reports this morning that Mel B has walked out on her husband Stephen Belafonte, after the star admitted that the pair have been having blazing rows and their constant arguing became too much to bear.

Mel, who stole the show on this year’s X Factor with her no-nonsense attitude towards contestants and judges alike, and Stephen have been married for 7 years, but things took a very public turn for the worse last week, after Mel failed to show up for the final of X Factor on Saturday.

While the official line was that she was in hospital with a stomach ulcer, fans took to Twitter when they noticed that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring on Sunday night, when she returned to the judges chair. Now it seems that her marriage is at breaking point after Mel packed her things and left her home.


She had admitted to Grazia magazine in an interview that she has a feiry relationship with Belafonte, but that they make things work despite it.

‘I walked in pi**ed off because I had a big row with my husband about stupid stuff. Sometimes he pi**es me off like no other, but he gets me.’

It remains to be seen if the pair can reconcile their differences, and with three kids involved, we can only hope that they put aside their own feelings and try to work something out so that Christmas in their home can still be salvaged.


(Images and source – DailyMail, Independent, Tumblr)


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