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Sad News For Tv Couple


It’s fair to say that Giuliana Rancic and her hubby Bill have not had an easy path in life when it comes to starting a family. After going through so many set-backs with their first child, it seems tragedy has struck the couple once more.

“This whole season on Giuliana and Bill we’ve been trying to have another baby. Unfortunately our surrogate Delphine, who we love very much, had a miscarriage. It’s something that we didn’t see coming. We were devastated.” Bill told E! News.


Rancic says that while they were optimistic about this pregnancy, they also were cautious, as news like this has unfortunately been something the couple have had to deal with in the past. Giuliana has undergone multiple in vitro treatments, as well as having to contend with breast cancer, while they were trying to get pregnant the first time round.

After many set-backs they opted for surrogacy which led to the birth of their son Duke in 2012. Bill explained that because of everything thats happened them before, they were keeping the news about the second baby, again through surrogate mom Delphine, to themselves.


“She was about nine weeks pregnant. We were pretty close to getting into the safe zone. We experienced a miscarriage before when we were trying with Giuliana, so we had been keeping the pregnancy news tight to the vest. Delphine is amazing. We hit the surrogate lottery when we met her. Obviously this was no fault of hers.

It’s a double sadness because we didn’t want her to feel bad. And Giuliana was rather distraught at first, but she’s tough. In times like this we rely on our faith. Once the tears went away we started to look towards the future.”

That future includes busy days running after the toddler they already have, and just doing the best they can to take things one day at a time and cherish the family they have.


(Images and source – E! News, people, instagram)


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