A Friends Card For Every Occasion!


Whether it’s your besties birthday, engagement, etc, there is a Friends card for every occasion, and they are ALL kinds of brilliant!

We had to show them to you because we know you guys will love them equally as much! (The Crapbag/Princess Consuela card is one of our favourites!)

img (1)

Before we go any further, however, we know that a few of you are having trouble with the links.

If you click on an item below, but it won’t load, then this is how you solve the issue.

  • Click the product you like, if it’s blank, click the three dots located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen.
  • A number of options should pop up, one of which will be ‘Open in Safari‘.
    Click on this and you will be able to access the link without any problems!

If that doesn’t work, then an alternative option would be to open through Google & not Facebook.

Now back to Friends! Check out our faves! (Just click on the pic and it will take you to the product!)


*Please note that Suzanne may receive partial payment from the above links


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