Behind The Scenes At The SOSU A/W Shoot & Some News!


Hey guys,

Happy Tuesday….

So, lots of snapchatters have been snapping me asking for a full blog post on last week’s shoot for the SOSU autumn/winter collection.

The new collection will be unveiled at the end of August and I really think you guys will love the new shades we have introduced! I also have a funny feeling that you’ll like the shots we took for the campaign as over a thousand of you screen-shotted some of the behind-the-scenes Snapchat stories I posted from the shoot! (btw, if you’re on Snapchat, you can follow me on sosueme_ie)

Well to start off, this shoot has been in the works for the past few weeks so it was really exciting to finally see the results of all our hard work.


We shot 8 different looks, and each one was very different in its own way. Like, some of the shots were really playful, but then others were a little bit serious. It was a nice mix!

There is a Kylie Jenner inspired colour in there too so for those shots we played on her poses and personality, which was fun. Personally, I think that colour will probaly be the A/W bestseller, it’s ca;;ed ‘Nude Freak’.

We had such a great day shooting overall, and I loved all the looks my team and I put together.

I was happy to have some of the best in the business working with me that day. Michelle Regazolli-Stone did my makeup, Amí MacPartlin was in charge of my hair (her hairstyles were screen-shotted over 1,000 time each – wow), Lynn Kelly did my nails, my lovely agent Jules Fallon styled me, and Anita Sadowska-Horne was behind the camera working her magic, as always.


We will be removing 8 colours from the summer collection and replacing them with colours that are more on trend for autumn/winter but don’t worry if you haven’t picked up the spring/summer shades yet, the will be on the shelves until late August, so you have a few ore weeks to pick them up…… and I promise the colours I’m replacing them with are every bit as nice!

The new collection has a number of variations. There’s some really Christmassy colours, some autumnal shades and some very cool Kardashian style colours in there too ;).

It’s a good variety so I know there will be something in there to suit all tastes.SOSU0000

As SOSU is the first product range I have brought to market, I am always going to be looking for ways in which to improve it. As such, my readers will be pleased to know that I taken all constructive criticism on board and made the improvements accordingly. I love getting honest opinions so thank you to everyone who personally emailed me with feedback.

One of the most common requests we received from you guys was for a bigger brush, so we have updated the brush like you asked! The new brush will be in all the autumn/winter shades, and it should make the polish MUCH easier to apply – YAY.

Because it’s a gel like consistency, you do have to work fast with the SOSU polishes but the new brush should give you much more control.

download (20)

I am also going to be introducing a new quick-dry top coat. The current SOSU top coat is of a gel-like consistency, and I know that some of you found it a little thick. The professionals seemed to prefer it, but SOSU wasn’t created exclusively for professionals, it’s for the everyday girl, so for that reason I am introducing a new top coat with a thinner consistency and dries in seconds.- YAY.

For those of you who like the thicker consistency, don’t worry, it will still be available as part of the collection!

I will also be launching TWO new nail products with the A/W range, but I’m not going to reveal any more about those just yet! 😉 Can’t wait to show you guys all the pictures!

Lots of love,





  1. Dovile Cassidy
    4 August 2015 / 22:54

    so excited for new colours!! off topic where is the black jewelled shoulder top from?? 🙂

  2. Aoife_Furlong
    4 August 2015 / 22:37

    So excited about the new brushes !!! Such a good quality to have that you take on advice and dont take it as negative but as constructive 🙂

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