Choosing My SOSU S/S 2016 Colours!


Hi guys…

Happy Wednesday!

Finally we’re at the half way point of the week… Jan is certainly a tough month to get motivated, I’m struggling myself if I’m honest, but each day it’s getting easier. If you missed our blog post on some ways to help you achieve your goals this year, then you can check it out here.

Anyway, as a few of you might already know from my Snapchat (sosueme_ie), yesterday I was over in the UK for some meetings and to choose my S/S 16 colours for SOSU– how exciting.

It was so refreshing to see Spring/Summer colours, I’m a summer girl and I LOVE bright bold colours so choosing my new tones was fun and definitely helped with the january blues!

It really feels like winter has been here forever but seeing all the beautiful bright shades was a nice reminder that summer is only a few months away! YAY…



The A/W collection was a huge success, and now I absolutely can’t wait to get the S/S range out there!

You might remember last year, I asked you guys what colours you wanted in the A/W collection. You told me you wanted a deep cherry, a dark purple, and a matte grey. So I did exactly as you asked and created Ladies Night, She Means Business, and Heavens Stairway.

Along with Poison Apple, those shades were the most popular of the entire collection so thank you all so much for guiding me, I love listing to your suggestions.

Right now, I’m in the midst of finalising the Spring/Summer shades, and so far, I’ve gone for a nice mix of pastels, neons, bold mattes and super high colour glosses.


I’ve chosen the colours that I love, some are featured on that colour wheel above, and know you guys will love them too.

BUT… I would like to see if there’s any specific ones you want just in case I haven’t already included them?

So, if there is a shade you would like to see in the range, please feel free to comment below, and if there’s a demand for certain colours, then I will incorporate them into the range for sure.

For my collection moving forward there will be 17 colours in total, as well as a base, matte and a quick dry top coat.

The 17 shades will feature your usual favourites such as Rock Candy, Dream Big, and Ladies Night to name but a few, as well as 8 brand new pastels and neons for S/S 16.

They’re such beautiful shades so I think you guys will be really impressed with what I have created.

matte top coat

The matte top coat will work perfectly on the new S/S shades as well, so if you like the matte effect, make sure you try it out!

The feedback from nail professionals about the product has been unbelievable! It’s definitely one of the best matte top coats out there.

I love the above photo, as taken by SOSU fan Simona. The SOSU matte top coat looks amazing over my high gloss Ladies Night!

sosu nail polish remover

For those of you asking, yes the nail polish removers will still be available. They have been doing really well since they were released last month, with the Blueberry & Pomegranate being a favourite of you guys! Raspberry & Grape seems to be a close second.

I’m currently adding a new product to the nail collection and I have a sneaking suspicion that you guys will love it. I’ll keep you posted…

Just before I go, I want to tell you all about a really exciting competition we’ve got coming up next month where you guys can submit your name suggestions for one of the colours. The winner of the best name suggestion will receive the S/S 16 full collection ahead of everyone else in Ireland, BFEORE they even hit the shops!

So…get your thinking caps on! I’ll share more details on that soon – that will be happening in FEB.

And that’s it for me guys,

Have a lovely evening!



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