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We here at SoSueMe HQ love checking out stylish work spaces, so today we decided to show you how to create your very own blogging space! We’ll also show you where you can pick up the cutest of items for your desk.

(On a side note, while although this feature is directed towards bloggers, it applies to anyone who wants to create a fresh, inspiring space in which to study and work.)

Whether blogging is your hobby or something you hope to one day turn into a career, it’s always good to put a lot of thought into the kind of space you would like to work in. You need to create a space that is relaxing but at the same time an inspiration for creativity.

Even if your blogging space consists of a desk in the corner of your bedroom room, customise that space until you are 100% happy with it. If it’s dull, you won’t want to sit and write so do whatever you can to make it an enjoyable place to be.


First you should decide on a colour scheme for your blogging space. The black and white style is a blogger favourite, as is the all-white look. It has such a fresh clean vibe to it, but the big benefit is that it also photographs really well, and let’s be honest, nice images are a very important part of blogging!

You might prefer a white and gold theme, a metallic theme, a pastel combination such as white and pink, or something more vibrant like lime and purple, etc. If you find your mood is affected by colour, then maybe go for light blue which is quite relaxing.

Whatever your preference, decided on it early and then stick to it.

It will make shopping so much easier as you’ll be less likely to buy ‘everything and anything’.


You should also decide whether you want your space to have a minimalist look or a busy creative vibe. If you want minimalism, then stick to an all-white or pastel look and keep the accessories simple.

If however you want the busy creative space, then stock up on lots of different picture frames and pin boards for the wall behind your computer.

For furniture, hit IKEA for a few hours. They have some great desks and shelving units that don’t cost the earth. It’s so easy to get carried away in there though!

Once you have the furniture in place you will need to get started on the desk basics, so here is a list of everything you might need!

Blogger essentials:

eqzoom85 (1)

Invest in a comfortable chair. Trust us on that one!

Bloggers spend hours at their desks each day so do your back a favour and buy a quality office chair with adequate support.

Office chair – here

download (3)

It’s all well and good making your space look as pretty as possible but don’t forget to make it functional too!

Stock up on the necessities such as pens, staplers (and staples!), etc.  

Rose gold stapler – here // Gold stapler – here

download (4)

Cross pointe desk clock – here (also available in blue) 

Desk calendar – here

download (1)

Who doesn’t LOVE scented candles?

Sue’s signature scent is Jo Malone’s Lime Basil & Mandarin and she always has one lighting while she works.

Ted Baker candles – here

Jo Malone Lime, Basil & Mandarin candle – here

download (10)

Blogging means long hours at the desk, so stock up well on caffeine kicks … and get yourself a cute cup while you’re at it!

Live love coffee cup – here // Monogrammed coffee cup – here


Clipboards – here


Any kind of storage solution is a life saver when you’re a blogger!

Magazine holders make everything look so neat and organised when lined up on the book shelf.

Magazine holder – here


A necessary item in every blogger’s handbag is a notebook and a pen! We love the summery colour of this journal!

Journal – here


Strike gold pen set – here // Bow paper clip set – here


If you’re forgetful, then this keyboard notepad is a great place for important reminders!

Keyboard notepad – here

download (4)

Weekly planner – here

Kate Spade sticky note set – here


Wall organiser – here

download (3)

Folders are another great way to get everything organised.

Check out the cuteness of these!

Gold files – stripes // polka dots

download (2)

Mesh 5 drawer (black) – here

3 drawer (clear) – here


Vintage style journal – here


In blogging, manners goes a long way so stock up on nice thank you cards that you can send to those who help you.

Mini greeting cards – here


Pen holder – here

There you go guys, all the things you need to create the ideal blogging space!

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Happy blogging!




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