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Dancing with the Stars – Week 7: American Smooth ✨

Hello guys! How are you all?? Welcome back 💞

In my last DWTS post I caught you all up on the last 6 weeks, if you haven’t read that yet, you can read it here.

For Week 7 myself and Michael danced the American Smooth. This whole dance gave me Great Gatsby vibes. If you know me, you know that I am a huge fan of that movie and that I absolutely love that era, I felt like a Hollywood movie star so huge props to the whole DWTS team, you guys are amazing!

I have mentioned a few times now over the course of the show that I really enjoy ballroom so I was so excited to have this dance. The American Smooth is all about ensuring you have the correct frame and carry elegance throughout the whole dance. Because I feel comfortable with Ballroom I didn’t necessarily feel the nerves, Michael choreographed a lovely dance and included some really clever lifts so I felt really excited.

As always, you rehearse the dance Monday – Friday and then you have rehearsals in studio on Saturday and Sunday with the whole team. We did the Saturday rehearsals with the dress for the first time and noticed it was a slippy material so this wasn’t ideal for the final lift, however we just knew that I would have to lift the dress high enough to not clash with the lift so we made sure to practise this a few times.

On Sunday in our full dress rehearsal we did the dance a number of times again and I would say, over the course of the weekend, we probably did our dance like 8 times. This really began to take its toll on my body and I started to really feel the impact of the lifts.

When we went out and did our dance I was so happy with how it went. Watching it back now I really think that you can see me become a little more comfortable on the dance floor and I even start to include some facial expressions. I was really happy with our performance and I was hoping for high scores. We didn’t get our 10’s this week which is ok. I totally trust and respect the judges, they absolutely know what they’re talking about and it just drives me that little bit more to achieve the scores we’re dreaming of!

Now lets talk about the dance off. Of course it wasn’t a great feeling to be in the first dance off of the series. During the dance off you can see me pulling myself out of the lift a lot sooner than I should because this is when the pain in my ribs really started to affect me. But we got through it and thankfully the judges opted to save us and allow us through to another week. This honestly makes me so happy as I wasn’t ready to go home yet so we are so grateful we get to go into Orchestra week!

Being in the dance off really made me realise, it really does go to show that no matter how much of an online following you have, you’re not guaranteed to be safe in the competition. People often assume if someone has a following then there is no need to vote thinking everyone else is but sometimes that is not the case. I would just like to say that if you do enjoy seeing myself and Michael on your screens every Sunday, PLEASE VOTE. We are loving this whole experience and of course we would love to get to the final but we won’t get there without your support & votes ❤️

You can watch our American Smooth here:

We had to say goodbye to Stephanie and Ervinas on Sunday and I was so sad to see Steph go. Steph is a real champion in my eyes, her attitude and how she approaches things is amazing and I really made a good friend in Steph.

For week 8, we have the Charleston. It will be amazing to dance with a live Orchestra and I really am asking you guys to get behind myself and Michael and if you can, please vote for us to keep us in the competition and allow us to enjoy this journey for longer 🙏

You can watch Dancing with the Stars on RTE One on Sunday at 6:30pm.

When voting lines are open you can text SUZANNE to 53125 for 60c/60p and voting lines only remain open for 10minutes.

Thank you so much for all your support so far guys, chat soon xxx


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