My Favourite Scented Candles & Why!

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Hi guys!

Hope you’re all having a great start to the week.

If you follow my on Snapchat(@sosueme_ie) then you will know how much I ADORE candles. This week I’m delighted to say that I have collaborated with an Irish company to showcase one of my favourite scented candles on the market and explain why they’re my fave.

Ever since we moved into our new home together last Christmas (oh my God, we’re nearly a year in our house – time is FLYING!!!), I have been obsessed with having a beautifully scented home.

For as long as I can remember, I have been determined to have nice smelling surroundings and I definitely get this from my mum. When we were growing up, our house was always so beautifully scented.

When I first moved out into my own place, my house didn’t have that lovely homely smell and it was only then that I realised and fully appreciated the effort that goes into maintaining a scented home.unnamed 4

Dylan and I really pride ourselves in keeping our house smelling fresh and clean, so much so that any time we are out shopping for the house, we always pick up candles, diffusers, house perfumes, anything scent related!

You might remember a couple of months back, I snapchatted about the candles I was sent from a brand called Ester’s Aromas. They were gorgeous and the packaging was so beautiful!

Would you believe, I am still often get messages asking me for the name of the candles I featured back then, and as you guys really enjoy when I talk about homeware items, I thought you might enjoy a post about them!

As long term followers will know, I am VERY picky when it comes to things like candles but this is because I use them every day so they HAVE to be ones I really love. That’s why it takes a lot for me to call something my ‘favourite’. I can safely say however that after having spent the last few months using Ester’s Aromas candles, they are hands down my all-time favourite on the market. They are also an Irish brand too!unnamed 3

There’s a number of reasons why I loved these.

First of all, they are made from 100% all natural ingredients.

For a long time I have been reading about how a lot of scented candles containing a certain type of wax (among other ingredients) can be really damaging to your health when inhaled into the lungs. This really concerned me because I am always lighting candles and I did worry about the long term damage. Ester’s Aromas candles however are organic and 100% natural so they don’t contain any of those health harming chemicals.

The main reason I love them however is the scent! Guys, you have no idea how gorgeous they smell. My favourite scent is the sweet orange and chili candle – it’s DIVINE!

I love colonges that are quite orange and woody of scent and that’s what this scent is like. It’s not like a sweet perfume, it’s just a really nice refreshing scent. Really musky too.

We like to keep this in the hallway because it’s such a beautiful scent to be greeted by when you walk in.

My second favourite is Rock Salts which is quite like the scent of fresh linen. This is a great scent for the bathroom. In the kitchen we have the creamy sandlewood which is very musky and so perfect for a kitchen setting.unnamed (2)

If you regularly burn candles, you will often find a residue on the ceiling, but because Ester’s Aromas are made with natural soya, they don’t leave any residue!

I also find that when I buy scented candles, the scent tends to wane after a few uses, but Ester’s candles continued to have that really beautiful scent like it did the day I first lit it. The candle also burns right down to the end. Sometimes, I find that when a candle is finished burning, there is still a lot the candle left around it. Such a waste of product and money! But that doesn’t happen with Ester’s candles. A big plus if you’re a candle addict like myself!

One of the things I mentioned on my Snapchat a few months ago back when I first got them was how beautifully packaged these candles are. They come in such a lovely clear glass jar which is wrapped in cellophane and has a beautiful rose flower on the top that is also scented with the same fragrance that’s in the candle. It would make for a great housewarming gift.

Best of all the price is seriously good which is a God send because when you go through candles like I do, it’s never ideal to have to pay a lot for candles. (The large candle that I got was €15 which is a bargain compared to the prices of other candles on the market that are the same size and sometimes smaller!)

Because I loved the scent of Ester’s candles, I decided to check out her skincare products to see if they were equally as beautiful.

unnamed (1)

My favourites were the body butter and the muscular pain balm. I was particularly interested in the muscular pain balm because for the past three years I have been getting very bad back pain on the left side of my back.

(I suppose this is mainly because I work on a computer and I drive a lot.)

I used the muscular pain balm on the muscle in my lower back where it’s tense sometimes and it was so soothing. It’s made from organic bees wax so it’s a really natural form of muscular balm. Typical me, I’m all about the fragrance so of course the first thing I did was smell it! The scent was SO nice!!

It came in a really nice matte silver tin. Very handbag-friendly too which is great because I have started to throw it in my bag when I’m travelling for when my back gets a bit tense.

Because I wear tan all the time, I have to use a really good body butter so naturally Ester’s body butter was a product I had to try all those months back. I’m a huge lover of body butters and I can say with my hand on my heart that this was one of the nicest body butters I have ever used.

I’m not just saying this because I’ve collaborated with the brand (I think you know me well enough by now to know I’m not like that!) You will see for yourself when you try the product, it’s amazing and again smells so beautiful.

The body butter had a lovely soufflé texture and it was without doubt the most hydrating body butter I have ever used. It wasn’t one bit greasy or hard to spread either.

It’s ideal for keeping my skin so hydrated and tan-friendly! I use it right after I have a shower and my skin feels so soft.

If you have tried them, let me know which one was your favourite!

You can buy Ester’s Aromas products here


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