Full Round-Up of the Irish Blog Awards!

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Hi guys!

Think it’s all catching up on me… today (late Friday night) was one of those days where it all just hit me, the tiredness.

I’m still so jet-lagged and it’s been such a busy few days getting back into the swing of things, I’m exhausted. Today I was carrying out some final prep for my SoSueMe workshop in Waterford which is happening on Sunday, and I headed home to VOTE  – hope you all did too!

So tonight is literally the first chance I’ve had to write about Thursday night’s inaugural Irish Blog Awards. By the time I’m finished, it will be Saturday you guys are reading it.

First of all, I want to say a massive congratulations to all the winners and nominees. It was amazing to be in a room full of inspirational young women. I had a great time catching up with my blogger pals too. We’re all so busy that we only get to see each other on nights like these!

On the night, I won awards for ‘Best Blog Content’, and ‘Best Dressed on the Night’, I was over the moon.

I really wasn’t expecting to win because I only found out the day before the event that I was nominated (thanks FacesByGrace for the heads up). I was raging I never got the chance to ask you guys to vote for me, but I later found out it was judges who were choosing the winners, not the public, and so I was chuffed when they called out my name.


The dress that won me the latter title was from Cari’s Closet in Malahide.

Have any of you guys been to the new Cari’s Closet on Carey’s Lane in Cork actually?? I heard they are doing really well down there amongst all you stylish Cork ladies! 🙂

Well when I heard Caris were the first shop in Ireland to stock the amazing Three Floor Fashion Collection (which is a HUGE deal), I was straight in to check them out.

You actually might remember this famous dress below that everyone went crazy for last year, including me? Well it’s the same brand 🙂


Three Floor have some of the most ridiculously stylish pieces, which is why I decided to wear one from the collection on Thursday night. 

I’m a big fan of the Malahide Caris Closet, and I have picked up many a classic in there. I still love my waterfall coat, as well as my two piece cape blazer outfit that I posted about earlier this year (and which you can read about here)

Prior to the awards, Nails & HD Brows in Lusk did my nails using my SOSU by Suzanne Jackson shade, ‘sunset kiss’. Emma also added some gold foil to the nail on the ringer finger, just to jazz things up a bit! I also had my hair chopped and style by Jane in Red Velvet Hair Salon Ballyboughal – and so I was ready for a night out with the ladies.


I was over the moon with my wins. It’s always a great feeling when hard work is recognised. This has been a really good year for SoSueMe. A few months ago, SoSueMe won the Stellar Award for Best Blog of the year voted by you, my readers, and that was such a great feeling.

When things like that happen, I always find myself thinking back to the day I started the blog on a whim! SoSueMe began from nothing.

No one knew me, I had zero contacts, but over the years, as a result of a lot of hard work, SoSueMe went from being a hobby to being a full-time passion. There have been many, many, long days and late nights spent in front of the computer, not to mention a ton of sacrifices that were made in order to stay on top of the workload, so it’s nice when all that hard work is recognised at awards events like this.


This July, SoSueMe will be 5 years old! I can’t believe  it! Can you?? As you guys already know (from my two books and many blog posts of me thanking them), those who helped ‘raise’ my baby were my amazing contributors Sam, Dave and Michelle!

Well I’m delighted to tell you that they are all currently very busy with their new ventures.

Bride-to-be Michelle is now running her own blog, ‘Broke Bride.’ It’s all about holding a wedding on a budget, and it’s a really good read, so make sure all you brides go have a look! She has some wonderful ideas, Michelle always had an eye for budget friendly tips and we all know the price of weddings,  so her blog-to-be is brilliant for all you wedding folk 🙂

Samantha is busy with her career in retail. She’s absolutely loving it, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her, she also pops her head in every now and then and I’m so happy to call her a friend after all this time!

In the new redesign, I had a chat with Dave and we decided to drop the movie review tab because I wanted SoSueMe to focus more on topics such as fashion, lifestyle and travel, so Dave no longer pens reviews for us, but he does still post on the SoSueMe Facebook page from time to time… and an article here and there when he has something to fill you all in on :), Dave was always great with the breaking stories too… so if you see one – that’s Dave haha. But for now he is busy writing about all things ‘movies’ for another movie website which I was so pleased to hear.

It’s great to see the team all benefit from their time at SoSueMe. They were amazing people to work with. Friends for life, definitely!

Now that we’re coming up to the fifth anniversary, I’m really looking forward to what the next five years will bring. I have some seriously exciting international collaborations that I will be involved in soon, and that’s only just the start of it!

Eeek excitement!


Chat later!

Sue xx


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