Goals: How To Set Them & How To Reach Them!

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It’s Feb 1st and for most of us, those New Years resolutions are nothing more than a distant memory!

Don’t beat yourself up about this. All you have to do is get back on track, and the best way to do this is to follow the formula of goal setting.

Setting goals is a surefire way to drum up lots of excitement and get a fire burning in your belly!

Sue is a big fan of goal setting. Every January, she takes the time to write out her goals for the year ahead. This is something she has done for years.


It doesn’t matter if the goal you have in mind is small or gigantic, the important thing is to have at least one that you can work towards and focus on.

We all have dreams that we would like to achieve, however most people make the mistake of keeping them as dreams. They never bring them to reality.

Once you know what you want, all you have to do is put a plan in place.

Here, we will show you not only how to go about setting your goals but how to give yourself the best possible chance of achieving them!

download (5)The First Step 

Start a goal book.

This is a notebook where you will write down your goals and everything to do with them.

Don’t overlook this step!

In order to achieve your goals, you have to know exactly what you are working towards, and the only to do this is to bring clarity to your dreams by writing them out.

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Goals Journal – here (embedded link not working? Copy & paste this code into your browser: http://bit.ly/2kWmv83)

It’s hugely important that you be as specific as possible here. Rather than saying, “I want to travel”, instead say, “I want to backpack in Thailand for 1 month and swim in Maya Bay.”

The more specific you are, the more realistic your goal will seem and the better you can plan for it.

Once you have completed your goal list, picture how good it will it feel when you start achieving them.

quoteThe Prep

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

It’s an old saying but it’s true! When you write out a goal, immediately start writing out the various steps you would have to take in order to get there.

Don’t be deterred by the costs involved or the time limitations, just write out what you would have to do in order to fulfill the ambition.

Let’s say you want to set up a fashion retail business.

Do you need to take a college course? Then write it down as the first step! Now look up the courses in question. Maybe there’s a college course in a nearby city that you can apply for. If not, look online for courses that may be of benefit. If money is tight, try Coursera. They offer lots of free courses that will help you with the basics of most subjects.

Next you could write down the minimum amount you would have to raise in order to be able to get started. Let’s say you will need €10,000. Figure out how much money you would have to put aside each week/month then work out how much you would realistically be able to put aside.

If you think you would be refused credit, then decide how you will save up the extra cash. Perhaps you can sell off unused clothes on Depop or unwanted household items on eBay?

When you work out the steps, you create a clear a path towards your goal.

Remember detail is EVERYTHING. Don’t be vague in any part of this process.

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Who is doing what you want to do?

Do they have a website or a book you could learn from?

Every industry has its high flyers and success stories so figure out the ones in your area of choice and look at them as your role models. They are proof that your dream is achievable.

If you can find a mentor who will personally give you guidance and advice, even better!

tory burchThe Big Jump

Once you have written out your plans, it’s important that you make a start on the first one.

If you don’t, you will more than likely close your goal book and completely forget about it.

Sticking with the example of setting up a fashion retail business, maybe your first action could be spending an hour researching the rental prices of retail spaces, or checking out the labels you would like to stock and the amount it would cost to do so.

Once you make a productive start, your goal immediately starts to take shape.


Don’t Walk It Alone

There will be days when you’ll feel as though you’re not moving any closer to your goal, and there will definitely be days where you doubt that you’re even capable of achieving your goal.

Prepare for those moments so that they don’t get the better of you and knock you off track. When they happen, just take some time off to clear your head and regroup your thoughts.

The important thing is to keep moving, even if it’s only by taking baby steps. If you need to rethink your goal, do it. Don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go to plan, just dust yourself off and try a different route!

Mental & Physical Well Being

Don’t neglect your own mental and physical well being when in pursuit of a goal.

Definitely make time each day for exercise. This will help you manage stress and keep you at your best.

Read books about people who overcame phenomenal setbacks. Do everything you can to strengthen an attitude of positivity and it will stand to you in the long run.

It’s so important that you get enough sleep too. You can’t work productively towards a goal if you are tired. (On that note, if you’re having trouble nodding off, listen to good quality hypnosis tracks. These will help you drift off.)

You should also look at developing a network of support, both online and in a nearby city. There are groups for everything, so whether your goal is related to fitness, business, etc, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find like minded people you can connect with. downlgoad

Once you start goal setting and planning, you will begin to see just how possible it is for you to achieve your ambitions in 2017 

If you have any questions, just comment below!


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