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Hello guys… How are you all?! It has been SO long since I took the time to sit down and write a blog post, I asked you guys on my stories recently would you be interested in me bringing back SoSueMe.ie and so many of you said yes! and now as I sit here and type this it feels so nostalgic but also like I never stopped.

So, lets bring you all up to speed on why I feel like now is the right time to bring SoSueMe.ie back. In Oct 2022 I announced the appointment of my new CEO, Caroline Dalton, to run SOSU Cosmetics and Dripping Gold.

As you all know, my businesses are my babies. I have poured my heart and soul into them and I am extremely proud of where they are today. That being said, I can only take my businesses so far. For so long, we were thinking on our feet, going with the flow, and whilst that did work in our favour, and I learnt a lot on the way, I knew deep down there was only so far I could take them alone.

When I decided to bring in a CEO, I knew there was only one woman for the job. I met Caroline Dalton through Primark, where she worked for 11 years. Caroline has an extensive amount of knowledge in this industry and also myself and Caroline were on the same page on a lot of things. I love her outlook on business and life and we get on great, so I was more than excited for Caroline to join my businesses. I am still very involved in the product development and marketing side of things but its fantastic to know that Caroline is there to oversee all the day to day running’s of a business.

With my businesses in good hands, its time for me to venture into new and exciting opportunities. I was always so restricted with my time and was unable to fully commit to certain things that would come my way. As a result my activity on Instagram lessened and I completely stopped posting on my website, which was something I always loved doing.

I really wanted to bring SoSueMe.ie back to allow me to reconnect with you guys and talk about every day life, have the chats and fill you guys in on what’s going on and how better to do that then bringing it back to basics?! I am excited to chat here on all things product launches for SOSU Cosmetics & Dripping Gold, I will also be posting again on my YouTube regularly and I am hoping to head back to Portugal this summer and I would love to take you along with me.

I suppose to fill you guys in on life over the past few weeks, as you all know I have been extremely busy training for Dancing with the Stars (more on that later!). I have also been filming for the tv show ‘The Style Counsellors’ which aired on RTE in January, if you want to catch up on any of the episodes you can catch up here.

We also adopted a gorgeous new dog Lola, who has settled into our family SO well. I was delighted to take her home just before Christmas from Wicklow Animal Welfare who reached out to me on my Instagram to tell me the story of little Lola, who had been kept as a breeding dog and had lost one eye as a result of many attacks. This broke my heart. So she has been added to our family and we love her so much already, her sisters adore her!

So tell me in the comments, what would YOU like to see from me? Would you like to see more product reviews, fashion, travel content, let me know your suggestions.

I am so excited to catch up with you guys more here on SoSueMe.ie, of course I will still be on my Instagram stories but I thought this would be a nice place to document what goes on week on week💫

Photo Credit: Evan Doherty for Stellar Magazine



  1. Emer O'Brien
    14 February 2023 / 19:15

    I’d like to see more of your products ie tan being applied. Examples of removal of tan and exfoliating using all ur mits etc.
    Also mantra official, will there be more fashion added to this.
    So much going on its great xxxx
    More fashion try ones.

  2. Marie
    4 February 2023 / 10:58

    Was following the blog since the beginning of time – so glad to see it back! Interested in everything you have to say really!!

  3. Lesley Edmonds
    4 February 2023 / 10:39

    Love to see travel fashion ect. You are an inspiration… Such drive love to hear hie you movited yourself.. X❤️

  4. S
    3 February 2023 / 23:28

    I would Love to See Product Reviews . Love
    Your Products sooooo Much.

  5. kirsty
    3 February 2023 / 22:18

    I would love you to style budget friendly outfits under €100 or max €200 for like weddings communions etc from everyday places that the normal people can shop in, i would like to see your products reviews especially on the dups.
    i always love your sheer honesty with your viewers and love following you on your journey in life’! welcome back to sosume!!

  6. Debbie Morone
    3 February 2023 / 20:22

    Honestly this is just amazing!! Missed the blog so much

  7. Mary
    3 February 2023 / 20:16

    Would love you to review Sosu products and use them in tutorials.

  8. Zara Dwane
    3 February 2023 / 18:47

    Aw thrilled! A nice read to look forward to

  9. Ann
    3 February 2023 / 16:45

    I’d love to see more behind the scenes of dancing with the stars. You’re incredible and we look forward to seeing you on it every Sunday. Best of luck for the rest of the series. Xxxx

  10. 3 February 2023 / 16:42

    This is so exciting! Love day to day chats and BTS 🙂

  11. Edel Lydon
    3 February 2023 / 13:35

    Aw back to the old days love it Suzanne!

  12. Celine croke
    3 February 2023 / 13:00

    Lots more of make up tutorials and style, love your style Inspiration.

  13. Catriona
    3 February 2023 / 12:29

    I’d love to see product reviews

  14. Maria Borza
    3 February 2023 / 12:22

    Love you Suzanne, welcome back to the best, the first, the LEADER ❤️

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