Let’s Talk…Relationships!

Suzanne Lil-Lets

You might remember a few weeks back I spent an exciting day on set doing some filming work for an exciting project.

Lots of you wanted to know what the project was, particularly after I uploaded some snaps to my Snapchat (sosueme_ie). Well I couldn’t say anything at the time, but as I revealed on social media yesterday, the campaign in question is Lil-lets ‪#‎BecomingATeen‬!

I’m very aware that some of my readers are as young as 12/13, so I love it when an opportunity comes along for me to get involved in something that is close to your interests, as well as my own. The Lil-lets campaign, which also features YouTuber Melanie Murphy and footballer Stephanie Roche, was the perfect fit for SoSueMe. I know what it’s like to go through those ‘teenager years’ so this collaboration gave me the perfect opportunity to share with you some of the issues and situations I was involved in growing up.

If it makes one young girl or guy feel a little better about themselves  – then in my opinion it was a project well worth spending the time doing!


As part of the collaboration, I recorded a number of videos, all of which will be posted over the next couple of months, and in each one I talk about my own experiences on topics such as body changes, periods, and boys! 🙂

First up today is relationships…..! It was kind of cringy recalling some of my teenage memories but funny at the same time! (In fairness, who doesn’t laugh with total embarrassment at the memory of their first kiss? Arrghh!)

I also talk about how my first crush became my first boyfriend, as well as offer advice on a number of different teenage dilemmas!

Hope you guys enjoy my first #BecomingATeen video (which can also be viewed alongside other interviews on the BecomingateenIRL Youtube Channel)


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