My Instagram Six!

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Hey guys,

Lately I’ve been more of a Snapchat addict these days, so much so that I have admittedly neglected my IG a little – sorry Instagram. However, I still have my Insti-favourites that I check up on regularly!

I think every Instagram gal has a few accounts that they check religiously, so I decided to share mine with you! Below you will find my top Instagram 6, all of whom I follow and love for a variety of different reasons!

Oh, and don’t forget you can follow SoSueMe on Instagram too at @sosueme_ie! 😉

Michelle Keegan – @michkeegan


First up – Michelle Keegan, my all time girl crush! I am such a huge fan of hers, and I absolutely love her style so I’m always keeping an eye on her Instagram to see if she has any new style pics posted. She recently documented her daily Lipsy style in the form of selfies and I was hooked!

I also loved that bikini and kaftan combo she was wearing in an Instagram pic from her friend’s hen party a couple of months back. Seriously, that girl has the most amazing wardrobe & style.

I think Michelle and Mark are also a great celeb couple, and her insti snaps of them together are just adorable! Have to say though, it’s pretty painful to see her looking so amazing in those selfies she takes after leaving the gym! ha…. beaut.com.

Gigi Hadid – @gigihadid


The girl of the moment  – Gigi!

Kendall’s BFF, in my opinion, is a must-follow on Instagram!

I have been a fan of Gigi from the early days, even before she was announced as the new face of Maybelline. I always had an inkling she was going to be huge in the modelling world, and I genuinely think we will soon be seeing her on the Victoria’s Secret runway.

I love following Gigi’s Instagram because she often gives a sneak peek behind-the-scenes of her busy but glamorous life (and her makeup is always seriously on-point so her account is worth following even just for that alone!)

Actually check out her FULL VMAs makeup details right here. UNREAL!

Kayla Itsines – @kayla_itsines

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I’m not really that into fitness accounts but there is one girl I LOVE to follow!

Kayla Itsines is a huge inspiration, both in terms of fitness and business. She took her passion and pretty much turned it into a phenomenal empire through Instagram alone! She has something like 3.6 million followers on Instagram alone!

She posts really inspirational photos showing the results that she and plenty of others have achieved through following a healthy diet and her fitness guidelines. Her foodie pics are also to die for!

I particularly love Kayla’s workout gear, and the quotes she posts are really reassuring especially if you’re in need of a motivation boost.

Desi Perkins – @desimakeup

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Desi Perkins is the name behind the Desi Makeup account that i follow religiously. I am a huge fan of her work. Her makeup looks are to DIE for and her outfit posts are often super-glam even when she’s going casual!

I particularly love her makeup posts because she appears to be as big a fan as I am of contouring and highlighting, and her snapchat is GAS! she’s so normal, funny and creative. The kind of account I love to follow!

BORING celebs- be gone! #snore

Millie Mackintosh – @camillamackintosh

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I never really followed the TV show, ‘Made In Chelsea’, that much, but I have long been a fan of the super-glam Millie Mackintosh  (and prof Green).

I love her style and her hair is always uh-may-zing! Millie’s Insta is a nice mix of her fashion pics, makeup selfies, and just general pics from her life with husband Professor Green. They seem to be so in love.

I’m a big fan of her style though so I’m pretty much hooked on her Instagram – OH she’s a big Cocoa Brown Fan too, so we can’t help but love her, ehh 😉

Emma Kenny – @emmakennyillustrations

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You guys will already be familiar with the work of super-talented illustrator, Emma Kenny! I love Emma’s Instagram because her creations are all just out of this world!

Emma has illustrated the most amazing portraits of celebs such as JLo, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, to name but a few, and when you take a peek at her Instagram, you will see why she is massively in demand at the moment!

I myself am one of the lucky ladies to have been illustrated by Emma, and I am really honoured to have had her illustrations featured throughout my second bestselling book, ‘SoSueMe – What Happened Next’.


Well there you have it guys, my favourite Insta accounts!

Happy Instagramming!




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