My Mum’s Experience With Laser Eye Surgery


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I get a lot of emails here on a regular basis about laser eye surgery. I wear glasses myself, but only for reading so I don’t feel I’m in a position to write about the topic because I don’t suffer from eye problems.

My mum Susan on the other hand has worn glasses all her life and has always wanted to undergo laser eye surgery.

Before Christmas, she bit the bullet and decided to go for a consultation with an optician to find out more about the procedure. After some consideration she underwent the treatment and has been flying it ever since!

Recently, I asked her to write a blog about her experience for any readers out there who might also be considering the procedure.

Here’s how she got on!


There is no point in saying I should have done this years ago because I didn’t. But now that I have had the procedure carried out, I have to admit I am one very happy lady…

I am talking about laser eye surgery.

I had a lazy eye as a child and I’ve been wearing glasses for more years than I care to remember. I wore one pair everyday all day and I had a second pair for close-up reading. I also had a prescription pair of sunglasses.

This meant that I carried two pairs of glasses around in my handbag everywhere I went, even if it was just for my daily walk! This became a nightmare especially on holidays when the last thing you want to be doing is carrying and changing glasses all the time.

It became so frustrating for me, not to mention my family as well. I would drive them crazy constantly looking for my glasses when sometimes they would be on my head or around my neck on a string!

I had considered contact lenses and after spending nearly half an hour in the opticians on the first appointment trying to put the lenses in, I decided that the only way forward was laser surgery.


I did a lot of research and made an appointment with Optilase for a consultation on November 16th last. This appointment was to see if I was suitable for laser eye surgery.

The appointment took approximately one hour and after a series of eye examinations, I was informed by Linda that I could go ahead with my plans! I was so happy leaving the clinic that day and genuinely couldn’t wait for the surgery itself.

First impressions are so important to me, but the staff in Optilase were all so friendly, so efficient, so well-trained and so informative. I have to commend their attitude, professionalism and welcoming atmosphere. The clinic itself is immaculate.

I was extremely impressed with Linda as she was so thorough and explained everything about the procedure in great detail. She covered every aspect so well that I didn’t even need to ask any questions afterwards. My second appointment then was on December 18th.

This was when surgery would take place. I met with the surgeon first and once again he explained everything in full detail before the treatment was carried out.


The actual procedure took approximately seven minutes per eye and I was made feel so relaxed and comfortable before and after the treatment. The surgery itself was painless and I walked out of that clinic like a new woman. The particular treatment that was recommended for me was the Lasik and is the most frequently performed laser procedure in the world. The recovery is usually within 48 hours and there’s little (if any at all) post-operative discomfort. This was the case for me.

Because I always wore glasses for distance and a separate pair for close up work I will have a second treatment to correct the close up vision. I no longer wear my distance glasses. In fact, I discarded them on the afternoon of the surgery which was a great feeling!

I’ve had a few follow-up appointments with Optilase since the surgery as they provide you with a comprehensive aftercare programme for a year following the procedure.

I will return again in a few weeks for further treatment to correct my close-up vision and I will most definitely be throwing those reading glasses in the bin with great delight.

I have to say I am SO happy now with my sight and the fact that I do not have wear glasses every day. It’s such a wonderful change!

I can now apply make up properly to my eyes as previously I would have to try and apply eye make up with my glasses on! Needless to say, this used to drive me absolutely crazy! I can also buy over-the-counter sunglasses and not have to worry about losing my prescription ones which were not cheap!

I can open my oven door without my glasses steaming up and go out in the rain without having to constantly wipe the lenses. These were huge issues for me and I cannot wait to go on holidays this year and not have to worry about constantly carrying a few pairs of glasses around everywhere with me. I am so happy that I went ahead with the laser surgery and I would highly recommend Optilase. They were outstanding from start to finish.

Thank you to all the team there.

Suzanne’s mum, Susan xx


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