My Xposé Experience!

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Hi guys!

So this time last week, you might remember I was an absolute bag of excitement and nerves!

Last Thursday and Friday, I co-hosted Tv3’s Xposé alongside Glenda Gilson and Lisa Cannon, and even though I have filmed for Xposé many times in the past and appeared on the show as a contributor, the task of co-presenting the show itself was a whole other ball game entirely! You wouldn’t believe the phenomenal amount of work the team invests in each episode.

Seriously, I take my hat off to the whole Xposé team; the producers, floor staff, camera men and of course the presenters themselves.!


The newsroom – where all the TV3 teams are based, from Ireland AM to Xposé, to Tonight With Vincent Browne – is situated right beside the studio itself and is an absolutely hive of activity. It’s such an exciting place to be in.

You wouldn’t believe how fast-paced it is. Everyone is crazy busy pretty much 24/7 because the deadlines are so tight when it comes to TV, and in particular live TV, but despite the pressure, everyone there is incredibly friendly and chatty.

It was such a lovely atmosphere to work in and a really big change for me because as a blogger I’m so used to working on my own.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved the TV studio atmosphere and the action that goes on behind-the-scenes, so when I arrived on the set, I felt completely at home…(admittedly with a tummy full of butterflies!)

Normally, before an event, I try to relax myself as I’m doing my makeup etc but you know when you’re SO excited and SO nervous all at once, you just can’t physically relax? Well that was me! Xposé has long been one of my favourite shows so to actually be co-hosting it felt very surreal! The two days were such an unbelievable experience.

On set, I was blessed to have Glenda Gilson and Lisa Cannon by my side. They were absolute beacons of support and so much fun to work with. I can’t thank them enough for all their help and guidance on both days.

xpose suzanne jackson

Lastly, I was genuinely overwhelmed by all the well-wishes and positive feedback I received from you before and after both shows, and as I mentioned in the picture above, I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for taking the time to message me and to tune into the show! So thank you, it means the world to me how supportive you all are.

You can watch Thursdays episode here and Fridays here.



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