My Night At The Beauty Blog Awards!


Hey everyone,

As most of you know from my Snapchat story and Instagram feed, I attended the Beauty Blog Awards in Lillies Bordello last Thursday night which was held in aid of Breast Cancer Ireland. It’s always great to support these events and even more so when it’s in aid of such a great organisation.

With work commitments on the Friday and Saturday coupled with heading off to Spain Sat evening, I didn’t get around to writing this post. So yesterday & today Ive catching up on emails, blog posts etc.

SoSueMe.ie was nominated in 3 categories for the Beauty Blog awards. Truth be told, I really wasn’t expecting to win anything at all, so it was a really big surprise when we ended up winning two awards on the night for – one for ‘Best Design’ and one for ‘Best Lifestyle.’

Personally, I was most excited about the ‘Best Design’ award because I invest so much time and finance in SoSueMe.ie to ensure it is user-friendly, has a chic design and you guys are getting what you want from my blog.


As any site owner will verify, a website is an ongoing work commitment. You wouldn’t believe the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes! I am always updating the site and searching for latest plug in. It may look the same, but in the background we are always working on it and improving it in whatever way we can.

For months my very talented web developer & designer worked on the design of the new wedding blog before it was finalised, so an award like this is really appreciated.

I was really surprised to win the Best Lifestyle Blog award because the lifestyle side of the blog only really kicked off last year. The new wedding blog and the travel posts are all part of the Lifestyle section on SoSueMe.ie so I was delighted with that award! 26675725093_310b7956ac_c

I want to say a massive thank you to my team, and of course to my readers for voting. It means so much to me that you all felt the blog deserved a vote in those two categories so thank you VERY much!

Well done also to all the winners on the night. We all had such a great time last night in Lillies and it was amazing to just catch up and have a laugh. I had such a good time with Joanne Larby, Clíona from Peaches & Cream, MRS Makeup, and Ali from Goss.ie.


Lots of you wanted to know about my outfit. I don’t think the top and the shoes are still available to be honest.

The blouse is from Balmain/H&M and the jeans are from Missguided. They can still be got here.

I bought my heels in River Island last year so I don’t think these exact ones are still available but I spotted these heels which are somewhat similar.

For my makeup, I applied my SOSU lashes in silk 3D style and I also used my contour palette.


Funnily enough as I was applying my makeup, I had my Snapchat feed playing.

Rosanna Davison’s story came on and she was using the SOSU Contour Palette in her routine too! If you want to pick up a palette of your own, you can get it HERE on www.SOSU.ie!

Have a wonderful week guys!






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