Partied Out! – Get Your Glow Back After That Big Night out


Hi Guys!

Happy Sunday! From what we have heard, a lot of you guys had your Christmas parties last night. Hope you all had a brill night, but if you are anything like us, a big night out can leave you feeling far from great and looking a little wrecked! Well this post today is on how to look fresh and get back to your fabulous self!



Before going to bed after that night out, try to drink as much water as you can to help re-hydrate your body and keep a bottle of water next to you the full day after also. Coconut water and green tea are also great methods of de-toxin after a wild one.

Leave in an over night conditioner/Treatment


No doubt your hair went through a lot the night before with the styling, weather etc so treat it to a nice treatment. The Sebastien Penetrate is an absolutely brilliant conditioner and will leave your hair feeling like it has never even heard of a hair straightener 🙂 Also Tresemme have some great cheap sample size treatments perfect for a one off pamper night!

Add a liquid highlighter to your foundation


If your skin has lost it’s luster after that boozy night, add a touch of liquid highlighter into your foundation to give your skin a healthy glow! If you need to go to work or have plans the day after your night out, this is a great quick trick to have you looking fresh!


Pop of Colour!


To brighten up your face, add a nice moisturizing pop of colour to your lips! This is a great way to look put together if you have to work the day after.


Now, we can’t guarantee these tips will ease the pain of that hangover (soz), but they will help to have you looking and feeling more fresh in no time! So party-on ladies 🙂



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