The Peter Mark VIP Style Awards!

Pic Brian McEvoy

Pic Brian McEvoy

Hi everyone,

So where do I start…. I have been on SUCH a high since Friday night and truth be told, I still haven’t come down from cloud 9 yet.

I genuinely cannot believe I won the title of VIP’s Most Stylish Woman! I didn’t think I had a hope in hell of winning so you can imagine my shock when they called out my name. I was so overwhelmed when it happened that I actually couldn’t even remember what I said on stage afterwards! I was a bag of emotions!

Before I go any further, I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to you guys. Thank you SO much for the lovely messages and kind words and I genuinely cannot thank you enough for taking the time to vote for me!

Photo Brian McEvoy

Photo Brian McEvoy

Overall it was such a great night – I’m telling you Michael O’Doherty and his team certainly know how to throw an amazing party – what a night!

Ger Brady and all the team at VIP did such an amazing job at organising a such a fun, entertaining and stylish event. Thanks to my own workshops, I know and appreciate just how much work goes into the organisation of any big event, so I take my hat off to the VIP team for pulling off a glamorous event on this scale!

The goodie bags they had for attendees were all kinds of amazing and contained so many gorgeous treats, but unfortunately, I forgot mine because as soon as I won they whisked me off for pictures and press interviews and after that, as you can imagine, a goodie bag was not really on my mind! I was just on a high. I think I was smiling from ear to ear all night!

Darren Kennedy, our MC for the night, was so entertaining and witty on stage, and just so full of beans – he always makes me laugh and when I collected my award he really calmed me down with his lovely personal touch and kind words! It’s always nice to have a familiar face around you in those circumstances and he was so good to me.

Photo Brian McEvoy

Photo Brian McEvoy

For my dress on the night, I wanted to support our own! It was designed by the super-talented Irish designer Julie Caulfield.

Julie is based in Dublin and I loved her work as soon as I saw it. Before I left for LA, Julie came around to my house and we went through dresses together which was so much fun.

The dress I chose is different to what I normally go for, but that’s exactly what I liked about it. I also felt that the style and colour was so appropriate for the red carpet and this time of year. I absolutely fell in love with it and knew it was for me the moment I saw it. Julie was such a dream to work with too!

Photo by Brian McEvoy

Photo by Brian McEvoy

On Monday night I sat down to watch the Xpose coverage of the awards. Lots of you had a good laugh at my ‘WTF’ reaction! That looked like my first reaction but I had actually been sitting there in shock for ages before that happened! I couldn’t believe it … I still can’t!

It was so lovely to watch the event on Xpose. I was such a bundle of nerves on the night. Seriously, guys, I had a tonne of butterflies in my stomach and they were all doing somersaults! haha! So it was nice to just sit down with a cup of tea and watch it all back and actually find out what the hell did I actually say on stage!

I absolutely loved reading the comments on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat afterwards, I have the most supportive followers and I love you guys for that!

What did you guys think of the night? How fab was the style there? I loved Thalia’s dress, I thought it was so different and chic! She was my fave!

And how funny was Doireann Garrihy’s speech? Priceless!

thumbnail_Peter Mark Vip Style 2017 2

I have looked at the award so many times but it still hasn’t sunk in yet! I never win anything! The VIP’s have always been such a big thing. So many stylish ladies have won this VIP Style Awards over the years, and this year I did it for the Bloggers! 🙂 I’m delighted and honoured to be in such good fashionable company!

I know I have said it a million times already, but I really mean it when I say THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to vote for me. It means the world to me to have readers as wonderful as you guys!

Lots of love,



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