The Psychological Trick That Will Help Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts

positive-quotes-2Negative thoughts and destructive self talk can be extremely toxic.

if not addressed, they can have such an impact on ones self esteem.

Sometimes these thoughts are developed over years, and as a result, they become such a force of habit that we don’t even realise we are speaking to ourselves in a negative way.

Nobody-is-in-charge-of-your-happiness-except-youThere is, however, an age old psychological trick to help you break the pattern of negative self talk.

Psychologists recommend that you place a loose-fitting cotton hair tie around your wrist and when you find yourself thinking negatively, gently pull on it and say to yourself, ‘snap out of it’.


The snap won’t hurt as the hairtie is soft, but what it will do is make you more aware that a negative thought is occurring.

It will also distract you momentarily, thus allowing you to shift your attention to something more productive rather than give it to the negative thought.

Eventually you will find yourself developing a new habit of not entertaining the negative thoughts!




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