Snapchat Session: You Q’s Answered!


Hi everyone happy Tuesday!

As you all know I have become an absolute Snapchat addict. If you’re on it, you can follow me on sosueme_ie.

Like many others out there, I love the insight I get into people’s everyday lives and how real people you look up to become. I follow so may celebs and I love seeing how normal they are, just like you and me.

It’s a great way to get to know someone better, and people are starting to get to know the real me too (your words, not mine), which is great to hear.

Every day, you guys Snapchat me so many questions about everything from personal life to makeup, hair and fashion and it has inspired me to start doing a quick-fire Q&A post each week!

So every Sunday from now on, I will be doing a blog post answering the most fun questions I am asked on Snapchat – called SNAPCHAT SUNDAYS!

If you want to send me a question for Snapchat Sunday, just snap me on sosueme_ie!

I had intended to kick-start this yesterday but so many things got caught in the way. Anyway, better late than never!

Here are some of the questions I was sent through Snapchat dover the last few days.

suzanne j

  1. What is your middle name?

My middle name is Therese, and my confirmation name is Davnett. One of my friends had a sister called Davnett and at the time I thought it was such a lovely name so I chose it for my confirmation. I actually hate it now…. but what can you do! ha.

  1. How long do you have Coco and Harper?

We got Coco when she was just 8 weeks old back in May 2013.  Then Harper joined our little family in August 2014 and the two of them instantly became the best of friends! I turn into a blurbing mess if I’m away and haven’t seen them in a few days. 

coco and harper

  1. Chocolate or crisps?

Both. Together. Especially Cheese & Onion with Cadburys Chocolate. Omg, heaven!

  1. What is your star sign?

Well I was born on October 22nd which makes me a Libra, however the Scorpio star sign starts on October 23rd so I think I’m part Libra and part Scorpio! I definitely take more traits from Scorpio than Libra however. As a Libra lady, I am quite diplomatic, realistic, and I can become very lazy at times. Like, there are times when I really need a kick to get me up and moving. Libran’s are also very fun-loving, and I would definitely be one for making everything fun. I don’t like that feeling of monotony. I am also quite forgiving, probably too forgiving, which is another big Libra trait.

My Scorpio side means I’m quite fiery and hot-headed. I can very competitive, determined and definitely protective of the people around me and the business I have created.


  1. What is your favourite colour?

It varies but if I had to choose just one, I would say black because it never dates and it is always so classy.

  1. What’s on your bucket list?

I want to travel more, particularly to places such as Thailand, Singapore and the Maldives. I always want to do a sky-dive because I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie so I’m really hoping to do that sooner rather than later. One thing that is definitely on my bucket list is to experience a Full Moon party in Thailand. It looks like it would be the absolute banter. I really want to attend the full New York Fashion Week. I was there for a few days last year and even though it was manic, I loved it so much!

caribbean islands

  1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?

100 per cent night owl. I hate getting up early but I have no problem working right through the night until 3am. I just find I get more done at night. I love the silence and the calm of night time. During the day I get distracted so easily, but at night, it’s so peaceful, I just get stuck into my work.

  1. I saw quick the tour of your office. Are you a neat freak?

I am the opposite of a neat freak! Seriously, if you saw my desk and bedroom right now, you would die of shock! I’m so messy. Dylan is always giving out to me because whenever I’m making something to eat, I never clean up after myself either. They do say however that creative people are messy and I definitely think that’s true!

  1. What are you favourite TV programmes?

I love the cheesy programmes, the ‘guilty pleasures’ that we all can’t resist tuning into! I watch things like Ex On The Beach and Geordie Shore. I think they’re gas! I’m not a soap person at all, I never watch them. I do love movies though, I’m a total movie buff.

ex on the beach

10 – Top 3 desert island products

Phone and a charger – can that count as one?

Lip balm – I have to have my lips hydrated. It drives me crazy when they feel dry.

Moisturiser – My skin gets dehydrated so I love body moisturisers. Definitely a desert island must!

And there you have it guys, my first snapchat sunday session!

Hope you enjoyed this type of post?


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