SoSueMe’s Kinder Bueno (& Baileys) Milkshake!

Kinder bueno milkshake

Kinder Bueno milkshake topped with cream and edible gold glitter! Pic (c) SoSueMe

It’s Friday – the one day calories don’t count – so we decided to go all out and bring together a few of our favourite things in one creamy milkshake…ice cream and Kinder Bueno chocolate! Yum!

If you want to give this milkshake an adult kick, you can always add 10-20 mls of Baileys, but trust us, it’s gorgeous just as it is.

Given how sunny it was today, we here at SoSueMe HQ decided to whip up a few of these Kinder Bueno bad boys to enjoy outside with lunch.

If you like Kinder Bueno then you will absolutely LOVE this shake!


kinder bueno

Pic (c) SoSueMe


(Makes approx 1-2)

One Kinder Bueno bar (2 sticks).

Vanilla ice cream. We used around 4-5 scoops which might sound like a lot, but once it’s all blended, it’s surprisingly not that much.

Add approximately half a cup of milk. Feel free to add more if you wish.

Optional – 10-20ml of Baileys

Optional – To decorate the 2 drinks, we used edible gold glitter and whipped cream in the bottle, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce in the glass. If you prefer, you can also use chocolate drops.

kinder bueno

Pic (c) SoSueMe


Place the ice cream, milk (and Baileys if using it) in a blender. We used the Nutribullet (literally the best kitchen purchase we ever made!)

Next, break up the Kinder Bueno bar and add it to the mix.

Blend the ingredients for approximately 30 -45 seconds. If you like a thicker consistency, blend it for less.

Pour out, decorate as you wish and enjoy!



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