The Barbie Martini (cocktail & mocktail versions)


Soooo, we decided to whip up a colourful cocktail to make this snowy rainy evening a little brighter!

This pink concoction is so quick and easy to make, and best of all, if you don’t want the alcoholic version, there is also a mocktail version you can enjoy!

(c) sosueme

Let us know if you make it!


2 ounces of Malibu Coconut Rum (exclude this if making the mocktail version)

2 ounces of Vodka or gin depending on preference (replace this with 7UP if making the mocktail)

2 ounces of Cranberry juice (or watermelon juice if you prefer)

2 ounces of Orange juice

2 ounces of Lime juice (or Pineapple juice)

Crushed ice

For garnishing: lime juice / crushed coconut / edible gold glitter dust

(c) sosueme

To Make

If you want to garnish the glasses, take a slice of lime and run it around the rim of the martini glass. This will help the garnish stick to the glass. Apply the garnish to the rim i.e. edible gold glitter dust / crushed coconut / etc. The edible glitter is available in the baking section of supermarkets such as Tesco & Dunnes. Other garnish ideas could include chocolate shavings, colourful sprinkles, etc.

Crush the ice and place into the glass.

Mix the drink ingredients together (preferably shaken in a cocktail shaker) and then pour over the ice.

The colour of the cocktail may vary depending on the type of ingredients you use.

You can leave the top of the cocktail ungarnished, or sprinkle it with the glitter if you like! If you want to create a slight frothy look like in the image below, just blend the ingredients with some ice in a blender first and then pour the mixture into the glass.

Then enjoy!

(s) sosueme


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